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  • This is TOMORROW.

    If you have any thoughts or ideas for the direction of London polo over the next year, please come!
    I will be providing a brief report on the positive progress of the Herne Hill court and my dealings with the FoHHV and HHVT organisations.

    Next AGM on Saturday 12th December, 10.30 am at Look Mum No Hands. Polo brunch

    We are trying a different tack seeing as people have limiyted time and no one shows up on weekdays...

    Agenda (please post here or let me know if you have anything you want to add):

    Roundup and Report of general progress and action this year from Chair and M-comm @citygent @dubkev @punkture

    Finances - @wooodrow

    Herne Hill @dubkev

    Tournaments (2015 and future)

    Beginners ? @coventry_eagle @io

    UKHBPA @citygent?

    Vote for new M-Comm (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, any others)
    -Any other business

  • @dubkev is there a place to read the latest doings from LHBPA or do I have to be a member to gain access to minutes and reports?

  • @punkture has the minutes from the AGM but he's having a crisis of faith at the moment and hasn't put them up yet.

  • Can you access the LHPBA forum?

  • I cant be arsed to do anything else LHBPA related, there is no point and its thoroughly dispiriting and makes me want to quit polo. I have the minutes and if anyone else is up for typing them up on the forum I can scan in and email them over

  • Hey Ben, just take some pics or scans of them for me and I'll do it up some time.

  • What do you want to know about Mat? Sometimes it's easier (time wise) just to catch up in person than typing out loads of stuff for the forum or by emails.

  • @dubkev no I don't have access

    @punkture sorry to hear that. I must have missed all the recent dramas. I'm just interested to read up on what's been happening within LHBPA in recent years. Thanks mate.

  • @dubkev I'm not at polo that often these days so thought it would be easier to read up on any reports in my own time. Does LHBPA have a website or do all activities pass through here or just get talked about amongst members?

  • no recent dramas, just noone is interested, noone helps and the only time most people get involved is to have a go (not saying your having a go here - others). Its always been like that but not to the extent it is now.

    Bike polo is dead, the glory years were 2009-2012. Its now just a sport to most people. Im off to play football but hopefully see you in the pub sometime

  • @MAT I've been doing a huge amount of liaising and meeting with the FoHHV and HHVT about getting the courts built at Herne Hill, hopefully in tandem with the pavilion (bar, showers, etc) being built there. The new court drawings which were done by Arbus at the request of the FoHHV are up in the LHBPA forum. Apart from that I think the activity level has dropped off for the association. Ben organised a fun tournament in place of the Open in Aug 2015 and very few London players came along to play with the visitors who travelled, so I understand his frustration.

    I see Herne Hill with its new clubhouse and potential two courts and storage for polo bikes as a way out of this current dip with enthusiasm, hopefully get some new blood in. Our AGM was just me, Ben, Woody and Jimmy which I guess is a reflection on pariticpation in the organisational aspect of things (but I still enjoyed it).

    I haven't been typing much of the proceedings of those meetings with various parties at HH because it's a long slog to do it in the evenings with a young kid, only reason I'm up on here now is cause I'm on a late shift tomorrow and been catching up on emails. Not keen to spend time online after work etc.

  • LHBPA perhaps would qualify to get free unsold B&Q stock?

    "The scheme is in place to donate unsellable products and materials for re-use, for the benefit of the local community and the environment."

  • Well worth looking into!

    I can see despite all the whining no body picked up yet torch to run an LO this year, but never the less; HH needs patching up if we're to play on it weekday evenings now there's light....

  • Can anyone get back to Geoff on this? It's a really nice event.

    Hi Tim, I hope you're well.

    We have our annual schools inter-borough bike polo tournament at
    Hainault Power League on Thursday 7th July and are looking for some
    referees to help with the event. We are able to pay anyone from LHBPA
    who could come along as having experienced referees is important to
    ensure that the day runs smoothly.

    If you know of anyone who who'd be interested, please ask them to
    contact me directly to discuss.



    Geoff Fletcher

    Director Trailnet C.I.C.

    Tel. 01277 811012 Mob. 07939 249980 http://www.trailnet.org.uk

  • Hi, ive dropped Geoff a message

  • geoff 'at' trailnet.org.uk

  • Hi, I've contacted Geoff and received the following information as to his requirements:

    Event - Inter-borough Schools Bike Polo Tournament
    Summary - tournament for year 7-8 (11-12 yo) pupils from schools across 3 London Boroughs
    Date - Thursday 7th July 2016
    Time - 9am to 3pm
    Location - Fairlop Power League, Forest Road, Ilford IG6 3HJ
    Requirements - we need a total of 4 referees to officiate the games
    Payment - we have a budget to pay for LHBPA referees and are flexible as regards how we pay this, depending on your employment status. We could also make a donation to LHBPA if appropriate. We're very happy to discuss this on a collective or individual basis but the hourly rate would work out at around £15 per hour.

    Unfortunately due tot eh timing of the event I am unable to assist, however anyone interested in helping then please contact Geoff directly at geoff@trailnet.org.uk or Mob. 07939 249980

    Geoff has also informed me that lunch and travel expenses will also be provided

  • Social media officer


    I'll make an Instagram account.
    Do we have an LHBPA email address to use for it?

  • Can I recommend setting up a gmail account?

    We don't have emails atm. And it's been historically hard to keep a domain tied down.

  • Word

  • Let's set a date for the next meeting?

    Few points:

    • LHBPA membership fee, it's the start of the year, let's start the register and fee collection.

    • Spring recruitment drive, can we use the above fees for Facebook boost?

    • Beginners night, anyone keen to run this?

    • London Open, location scouting. We've been turned down by Clapham, let's try to see if anywhere else is suitable?

    • Mitch lights issue.

    • Newington resurface update and follow up.

  • It's a year since I've posted above, shall we have the meeting sometime soonish?

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LHBPA business and notices

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