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  • Next LHBPA meeting (EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting)
    Monday 6th April
    Location: the Ship google.co.uk/maps/place/The+Ship/@51.499­446,-0.096864,17z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x­487604a6d5e42605:0xe0ba9258262cfb8e!2sTh­e+Ship!3m1!1s0x487604a6d5e42605:0xe0ba92­58262cfb8e

    • London Open 2015
    • Beginner's Sessions
    • Sport England/British Cycling recognition and grants
    • Disscussion and vote on group membership of the LCC and/or CTC
    • Vote on the reinstatement of a membership fee

    Please let either Jimmy (@citygent who is this year's Chair) or myself (this year's Secretary) know if you would like anything added to the agenda.

    The M-Comm have decided that anyone deemed a member of the LHBPA can put a proposal forward (within reason) for a vote and it can be voted on and enacted in the next meeting due to the irregularities of the previous AGM.

    Please either put these forward in the LHBPA forum thread or privately to Jimmy or myself, but not in this thread.

    This means that the meeting will therefore be an EGM (an Extraordinary General Meeting)

    See more:http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/23780­6/newest/

  • This is today, see you all there at 7

  • Cheers to everyone who came to the meeting yesterday. Really productive and I will post minutes here:
    when I get a chance, probably this weekend

  • Yeah good to see familiar faces again, cheers to all that came to help shape the assoc. this year :D

  • Minutes up here: http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/23780­6/?offset=800#comment12212974

    news on HH court and its future
    news on the London Open 2015
    Beginners polo
    reinstatement of the Membership fee and associated benefits

    Can everyone please go to the LHBPA forum http://www.lfgss.com/microcosms/538/ and if you click 'follow' then LHBPA threads will come up in your 'Following' tab

    cheers x

  • Hi, I still don't get it how do I get a permission to see that thread? Or am I supposed to see it at all?

  • Ask @M_A_X for permission

  • there is a meeting tonight at the ship pub for the lhbpa to decide how much of the remaining bank balance to sink into a permanent court structure at HH.

    There's around 3.4k left in the bank, we're looking at putting around 80% of that into pipe fencing, phenolic ply boards, plexiglass, etc. Hopefully HH would also help financially if we have a plan.

    If you can't make the meeting, let ben Punkture know what you think, and he'll read it out at the meeting.

  • I strongly oppose this idea. Herne Hill is too far from Central London. If LHBPA money is to go toward a court, that court should definitely be in Central London.

    This is a major decision and not something that should be decided in a single meeting. It should probably go to a membership vote after a lengthy period of consideration.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bulk of this money came from the London Euros, which was an event organized by NE players. Spending it on a court that is 8 miles from NE London would be a shame.

  • You are wrong on the money count there Chukker. A lot has happened since 2009.

    This has also not been decided in a single meeting. There has been an M- Comm meeting on it, an EGM that was advertised over 1 month in advance with a full agenda etc.

    Great that you are up for getting involved in the LHBPA again though Chukkles, all opinions greatly encouraged and need to be discussed properly...please discuss further on the HH thread on the LHBPA forum http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/17959­3/?offset=425#comment12260821

  • Also, as the Ship has double booked us and it doesn't seem that enough people are going to come/had enough notice, this meeting is postponed. When we have worked out a suitable time and place that all the M_Comm can get to then we will announce another HH strategy meeting, hopefully ASAP.

    Please also bear in mind that a lot of work is being done behind the scenes to help get some great stuff for the LPC so please be gentle when you advise alternative routes and please keep it to the LHBPA forum.


  • It is correct that the Euros created the LHBPA account with is first deposit, a couple of grand, which has provided the basis for all future activity.

    Two M-Comm meetings and one EGM -- about which I never heard -- does not seem sufficient for such a major decision. If you want to spend 80% of the money on a court for which it is well-known that many London players never go to, then you need to do some outreach to members.

  • Ben: The agenda in post #1 does not mention anything about spending 80% of the money on Herne Hill.

    As a founding member of this association, I would like to think the M-Comm would make sure that all members have been made aware of plans to spend 80% of the budget.

  • please can you discuss this on the LHBPA threads instead of here. this is mainly for notices.

    The EGM was advertised well in advance both on the LHBPA forum and on here. The decision to spend that money was done and approved at the EGM and the minutes are on the meeting thread on the LHBPA forum.

    Its great that you want to get involved again but please do be aware that a lot of people have worked incredibly hard to get us where we are now since you guys formed the LHBPA.

    I would be happy to come and have a chat about it in person with you, ill drop you a text.

  • Oh, I see, about the threads, sorry. A mod can move my posts into the LHBPA forum. Sorry.

    We'll chat tonight.

  • Ace. @M_A_X could you do the honours?

  • Sorry, I don't have the ability to do that on the new forum.

  • Polo players, here is a proposal to spend some money on a temporary court rebuild at HH:
    Please read, digest, vote.

  • Polo players, here is an important notice about the London Open 2015

  • Polo players, here is a proposal about a permanent court at Herne Hill

  • Meeting about the Herne Hill court / vote for investment funding is this Sunday at LMNH.


  • Next AGM on Saturday 12th December, 10.30 am at Look Mum No Hands. Polo brunch

    We are trying a different tack seeing as people have limiyted time and no one shows up on weekdays...

    Agenda (please post here or let me know if you have anything you want to add):

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LHBPA business and notices

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