• We are looking for reliable, friendly and experienced couriers to take up some of our many shifts on offer throughout the week.

    At vyne.co.uk we deliver one or two bottles at a time from multiple independent merchants, to our customers at home or to their office.


    1. Reliable and friendly to our customers, who are very nice and appreciative of good service.
    2. Tech-savvy. Pick up jobs through an app we have built ourselves. Our current courier team are using it and find it great to work with and much more modern than other dispatch solutions with existing courier networks.
    3. Have the right equipment and experience in using it (bags, bike etc.).
    4. Good references as a courier (we do check these)

    To apply, please send through your details, along with reasons as to why you would be a good fit (addressing points 1-4 above) to: join -at- vyne.co.uk

    Varying shifts available.
    We offer guaranteed a rate for each shift.
    Example: (per 5 hr slot, £35 plus per delivery commission of £2). We're currently running at capacity where we deliver and expect an average of 2 deliveries per hour to be completed.

    Our greatest availability is for evening slots (depending on location).

    Couriers are assigned to a zone.

    Especially need West London couriers for Notting Hill, Kensington & Fulham

  • You haven't listed any courier jobs on your site.


    What's the pay like?

  • Fluid? (I'll get my coat)

  • Delivering expensive wine bottles in London's traffic, what can possibly go wrong?

  • You should bump this tonight. I imagine most couriers are working right now.

  • Thanks - we will do

  • We have not had a single problem with the bottles yet! The right courier bag can happily take wine bottles. We're not dealing with cheap stuff, so they tend to be high quality and resiliently made.

  • Doesn't posh wine have sediment in it?

    I don't know much about wine, admittedly.

  • @user53285 Do you need to add grower Champagne to your supplier's list?

    I have just started importing my family Champagne to the UK.

    http://www.lasseaux.com (food pairing is detailed in the technical note in 'Our Range')


    Let me know if this is something of interest for you and your business.


  • That's what a decanter is for.

    Interesting concept @user53285 - would be interested in trying it out, but will have to wait until you launch in Bristol :p as I think it's a bit much to expect a courierenger to ride 120miles with a bottle of wine.

  • Courier, my wine is corked, take it back and get me another bottle..

  • But a decanter's no good if the sediment's all mixed up from the bouncy bicycle journey.

  • @User53285 Champagne Lasseaux is the tit's - list it

  • Up to £9 per hour? Wow - that's almost up to the London living wage.
    Do you provide health and other insurance cover?

  • @TW do the math...

    £35 / 6hrs(as 5-11pm is 6hrs not 5) = £5.83hr

  • +1 for Vinces champagne. I used to work in BWS trade so I've tried a few. Very nice.

  • Shouldn't that be £35 / 5hrs with £2 per drop, average of 2 drops per hour (checked delivery area, depending on location of the hub) seems achievable. So looking at £45 for 5hrs work (£9 p/h).

    Edit: Just noticed your correction to the hours @Clockwise good spot. So actually £7.50 p/h, which sounds about right.

  • Which part of that is the London living wage?

    Oh, wait...

  • @monkdagola assuming you get a steady run of deliveries? remember it's a startup buisness, if it doesn't take off neither does your pay packet. Being made upto minimum wage with commision is like that pizza express thing when they paid under minimum wage and tips bumped it up.

    @TW it isn't but being lower than minimum wage just totally rips the ass out of it more so. Living wage is £9.15 atm.

  • My apologies - I misread your post.

  • Very valid point, though I would hope that they've done their market research and have some sort of client base already underway. Doesn't mean shi7 till you take the waterwings off and jump in though.

  • The pay may be low, but you do get the freedom to choose your own working hours. You can even do it after your day job for a bit of extra cash /irony.

  • @lae I work 12-6pm for £7.25hr atm so am actually considering putting the idea of doing 7pm-close to go from "just getting by" to "still just getting by". It might be irony for you but lots of people live within that gap between minimum wage and living wage and have to balance multiple jobs and stuff to get by, trying to get onto/into something/somewhere that's got living wage in mind is pretty much a goal atm as it singles them out as an employer that gives a damn about whoever works for them.

  • Hello, sorry, perhaps it came off a little abrasive. I completely agree with you. The irony is that despite what Tories think/how employers describe it* this kind of employment affords people no freedom (other than the choice between precarious work and destitution) and the 'extra cash on the side' makes up an essential part of people's income.

    I say this as a freelancer so I'm well aware of the good-week-bad-week bank balance.

    • to be fair the employer has not described it like this.
  • Do not carry glass bottles in a bag strapped to your torso, get some panniers.

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Couriers wanted - reliable and friendly - delivering single wine bottles throughout Central London

Posted by Avatar for user53285 @user53285