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  • Please stop all this wader chat and just fit a mudguard to your bikes

  • "I want to look like a fisherman because mudguards look lame"

  • Like, get with the times man

  • I already have some Patagonia wading boots. Might just get into fishing tbh

  • Sure, it's a technique I stole from the antique Schwinn community. I have done a couple frames this way. I like it because it de-rusts the inside of frames. Evaporust typically doesn't hurt newer paint or decals, although I have had it do weird things on very old finishes (nothing too bad).

    I nailed together 4 planks of wood to make a square that would fit most frames and forks. I then laid a sheet of plastic in the square and filled it with water. Then I put a sheet of plastic on top of the water, like a waterbed. Then I press the frame into the top sheet of plastic and fill in the surrounding cavity with evaporust. It allows me to submerge most parts without buying huge volumes of chemicals.

    Now that I see these pics, it reminds me I had to flip it around the other way to submerge the other chainstay. Then you flush it out with water, dry it out with heat and compressed air, and put fresh frame saver in the tubes.

    I have certain patina'ed vintage track bikes I would never do this with, but with certain bikes that have lived hard outdoor lives it seems appropriate.

    I did an old Jamis for a friend, it was extremely rusty but had sentimental value. You can see how the evaporust dissolves all the rust, leaves nice bare steel and doesn't hurt the paint.

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  • Never heard of that stuff before. Rad dude, sick to the power of tubular.

    Is there one that will do aluminium oxide? My partner's Wangster is basically dissolving.

  • My partner


    Wait, I'm doing it wrong

  • You know where I can buy arrospok?

  • Impressive stuff!

  • Might just get into fishing tbh

    Bog fishing is the new winter sport

  • My Firex cranks used to do exactly the same thing.
    I found that lots of thread lock on the axle splines sorted it.

  • I was clearing out one of the sheds and I found a few bags of crap (WI cranks, Flybikes levers, set of new Vbrakes,prologo saddle etc) and my old mid ‘90s Trek 8000 frame and a pair of Kinesis Maxlight forks, well it would be rude not to. So… just needs cables, cassette spacers and some time, time is the killer.

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  • Looked like a Tim Taylor Landlord sticker on the headtube.

    Must be beer 0cl0ck

  • .

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  • Thanks, I'll give that a go! Also gonna look for a 10mm Allen on a socket.

  • I’ve just looked and the brakes are tektro rx5, got them for the SWorks tricross, but lost them :/ and the levers are Fly Bikes Manual CNC BMX ones, got them because they came in a nice box :D will they work together? I’ve forgotten everything I knew about MTB stuff.

  • Lovely that. Reckon I might mullet it on the Niner for that 'witness the slackness' feel.

    Also curious about the new crop of Marzocchi's; half the crop of riders at this years rampage were running them.

  • Should be ok, as Niner's don't have particularly low BBs

  • Was one of the concerns, so good to know. Frame was free the jankier the bike, the better.

  • Ah, go on then

  • It only took me 3 years of stalking @el_presidente and his 853 Inbred thread before I took ownership...


  • Now you have your #24hrsolo bike!

  • Fuck that.

    I mean, maybe.

    I mean, when's the next one? Sign me up.

  • Riding an SS is a lot fucking easier with wide bars.

    Who knew?

  • when's the next one?

    No Idea anymore, I'd like to think Mountain Mayhem will be back for 2022, but who knows

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