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  • Yeah, that's right. Another thread devoted to photos of a particular sub-genre of bike.

    Singlespeed MTBs are brilliant! Doesn't matter if they're 26", 29", 650b, 36", fatbike, 26"/650b/29++++, rigid, hardtail, whatever. One gear and some knobbly tyres is ( imo ) the most fun you can have in the woods, without fear of being arrested.

    I'll start off with this one.

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  • I'll start off with this one.

    Rad as fuck.

    / thread

  • better start another thread for fixedgear fgmtb

  • Looking forward to seeing this built up.

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  • Ooh, is that gabes' Tour Divide frame?

  • Apparently it's getting shipped to the US, so maybe not?

  • Don't remember mention of an integrated seatpost either.

  • And it has a 'dale headtube fo Lefty

  • Well FGMTBs are most likely to be SS so I guess that fits here too?

  • I was about to start a thread like this...anyways, here are a few I had saved on my phone...

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  • This was my first SSMTB

    This it my current one

    Untitled by 40 skid patches, on Flickr

  • Some more...

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  • ...

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  • ...

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  • And reader's (ex)wife

  • Because orange.

  • This looks like so much fun!

  • Possibly the only Trek that I've ever wanted to own.

  • Fixed gear Krampus :-)

  • Is it bad that I see a chain tensioner and I'm like,


    I'm loving this right now, probably coz I've just bought an orange one,

    This pretty much sold me on the Surly 1x1, not that mine looks very much like this just now,

    And way back in the day this catalogue or something similar that I picked up in the local Surly dealer had me lusting after one for over a decade before I finally got one,

    I'll refrain from posting any readers wives as I plaster them in enough threads already I'm sure.

  • I have a fondness for Dekerf singlespeed frames but can never find a pic of a decent build.

    I'm sure the Shimano rep up here had a nice one, years ago, before he was the shimano rep. This is the nicest I could find right now,

    Oh and as well as an aversion to tensioners I have a thing about single speeds with dropper posts. Anyone else suffer these or similar afflictions?

  • What's that green one @M_V?

  • It's a Fire Eye Flame. Think that's the 2013/14 one as the newest one doesn't seem to have the seat/top tube details.

  • Nice to see a more 'hooligan' type mtb with a SS setup.

    Speaking of which...

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