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  • should I update and start riding fixed again?


  • Unfortunately the main update would be that the bike is pretty trashed after being stolen and then found again. The beautiful paint is scratched and the frame has some real scars :( it's an alu frame and I worry about riding it...

  • Also dents or just scratches?

  • I still can't believe that thing was recovered. Unless any of the dings have flat sections/creases a la the photo below, you'll be alright IMO.

    The tubing walls on your bike are nowhere near as thin as alu tubing used nowadays (e.g. lots of complaints about CAAD12 dented top tubes due to very thin walls) so I suspect it'll likely be a lot more resilient than you're anticipating. However, if you don't feel comfortable riding it, ride one of your other sweet bikes instead! Probably makes more sense given all of the great roads/trails near your new house, anyway.

  • This can live again. Rat build. Ride. Give no fucks.

  • Death to thieving bastards

  • I think I'm going to put this up for sale. I have life stuff happening and this is currently just sat in the garage. Summer 2021 does anyone want a new whip?

  • Shouldn’t really be asking but what’s the size of the frame? Cheers. T

  • Yes, maybe details?

  • yes please, i love that paint job. size and current state it's in?

  • Knowing it’s “pretty trashed” kinda makes me want it…

  • @birofunk and @umop3pisdn would appear to have first and second dibs, respectively.

  • lol

  • Good looking out Andy. Unfortunately 6 years on the bike shed now has too many kids bikes in it to fit another sweet fixeh.

  • is this still going to get released back to the wild?

  • I have had a bunch of PMs but been busy at work at only vaguely considering at this point. If it happens I'll get it cleaned and photograph it ready for sale.

    It's actually in better nick than I remembered - I think I was just so sad about @hoops beaut paintjob at the time.

  • So this is going up for sale, I’m a dad now and have too many bikes that don’t get ridden. This deserves to be loved and ridden.


    Will get more details and pics up this eve

  • Interested pending size etc. Many thanks. T

  • Yeah , been waiting on this one it’s lovely!

  • Will do buddy. As long as little one plays ball I’ll measure up this eve

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GT Track

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