GT Track

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  • not sure if super rad or super gay

  • Me or the bike?

  • Does anyone have any time atac aliums going?

    If not anyone used these Look pedals for fixie?

  • I have two pairs of those s-track, really happy with them! Never had a problem with them, but I don't ride brake less anymore..

    ps: great looking bike you have! But, perosnally, I don't like the tan walls on it..

  • I'd put some of these yellow XC6 ATACS

  • @countryboj uses them if I remember correctly!
    GT looks sweeeet.

  • S-tracks are awesome! Would recommend for fixed. Never unclipped, good float, great feel clipping in and out and the cleats are far better than Times as they last much longer.

    Difference between them isnt that much. Time do feel more secure but have never had a problem with Look unclipping, they do feel real nice and smooth. Also nice to not have to drill the cleats out when you need to change them. You can also use Look cleats with Time Atacs as they are compatible (which I'm doing atm).

    GT's looking great! Think a nice set of older Atacs would suit better but wtf do i know.

  • Rad.

  • Oh my, so good!
    May I suggest a chunker (read: classic) saddle, I feel it would balance on the large frame better and cover those rail bolts.
    Bravo :)

  • You can also use Look cleats with Time Atacs as they are compatible (which I'm doing atm).

    Are you sure about this? I was told otherwise, one cleat is smaller than the other one and you risk unclipping..

  • Absolutely, been riding like this for months. Never unclipped. Doesn't feel any different to having Time cleats.

  • Alright, I'll give it a try! Thanks for the info..

  • I'd second this

  • I ride S-Tracks with ATAC cleats too. Works a treat.

    BTW, lovely bike!

  • Thanks Dave @CleverMike @hoops @T-V @cake @Fox for your parts. Suns out so might try and take some nicer photos.

  • so dreamy...

    talking bout them goldylocks mind. much casual, many hairspray


  • colourcoordination with socks is abysmal though. fashion thread >>>

  • Fantastic bike. Well done.

  • eat less carrots i reckon. or i should do more because of my own abysmal eyesight.

    looking fwd to the pretty pictures

  • Oh please tell me you're coming to the forum track day with this beast!

    Kudos on the build btw! Looks stunning!

  • where are these photos at?

  • Really surprised at this, I tried atac cleats on look pedals on someone elses bike and unclipped immediately

    *super mucho lovely bike btw

  • I've moved house and brought this thing out of storage, should I update and start riding fixed again?

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GT Track

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