LFGSS CC - Membership (or How Do I Join?)

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  • Membership of LFGSS CC is free, we do not charge you anything. You are able to join for no cost, and use the club membership as your club in races, events, and anything that requires a cycle club.

    Memberships is as informal as we can make it be.

    You are already a member of LFGSS CC if you have either:

    • Become a member of British Cycling and put down LFGSS CC as your cycle club
    • Ordered LFGSS CC club kit from the LFGSS CC shop

    However there are various circumstances in which you may desire to formally declare that you are a member of the club (and for whatever reason BC doesn't cut it, and you haven't yet purchased club kit). For example: Participating in Cycling Time Trial events, or participating in events that require club membership for insurance purposes.

    For those scenarios, to formally declare yourself a club member you may purchase formal club membership (for the grand price of £0.00) from here: http://shop.lfgss.cc/products/formal-clu­b-membership

    This does not buy anything as membership was already free. What it does is put your name and address on the customer list of the database we use to sell things to members, and we are using the customer list as the formal register of members.

    If you wish to go the British Cycling route, and have never been a British Cycling member before, then we have discount codes that will get you a reduction on the price of joining British Cycling:

    Race Gold with British Cycling is worth it, £49 per year includes personal accident insurance (which is valid for your commutes).

  • Have done both with LFGSS as my "secondary club". Jersey looks great.

  • Ctt affiliated too, nice.

  • Can we bring back shark pits?

  • Yes! Does sharkpit ownership mean I'm classed as a member already?

  • Thanks, will I remember this when my BC membership is up for renewal in the Autumn but good work V.

  • Hmmm, I want to "buy" formal club membership but can't get past "there are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination" on shopify

  • Hi everybody! I am an italian girl going to London for a semester of exchange through my university. I would love to cycle in London because that's my passion and that is what I usually do in Italy. Could someone of you kindly give me more info about the community? Do you guys usually meet? :) thank you guys!

  • Try here, it's the "LFGSS Ladies" sub-forum.

  • @Velocio has LFGSS CC renewed it's CTT affiliation this year?

    Rumour is they were on the list of clubs not to have paid: http://www.lfgss.com/comments/12737862/

  • Ah crap.

    I was working under a tight deadline when I got the pre-Christmas warning, and then was in San Francisco when I got the overdue warning.

    I'll pay it today.

  • No worries, thanks muchly.

  • CTT fees got paid.

    We're back on the website, and everything is cool again.

  • @Velocio Regarding the forum shop, I've noticed it's not on the forum landing page. Maybe it'd do more trade were it to be more obvious?

  • Doh!

    I'll add something on Saturday morning.

  • CTT renewal for 2017 affiliation paid today.

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LFGSS CC - Membership (or How Do I Join?)

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