LFGSS CC - 2018 Pro Cycling Jerseys now on sale

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  • Folks, I think both lists are now redundent. We will shortly be pointed to the online shop where we will actually have to pay. We'll then go onto an unseen list that only the jersey elves will have access to beofre magically getting a jersey in the post at some point in the future.

  • I'm interested but seems like a name on the list isn't required anymore.

    However, I'm just wondering as, now that we have a new jersey design, would it be possible to work a similar design in for a cap? Milltag make caps and I would be prepared to pay a Milltagesque price for a replacement for my now very old and forlorn original cap. Seems like a good opportunity to capitalise on a potential 100+ cap order latent in the forum.

  • https://www.lfgss.com/comments/12275262/­

    We had over a hundred people committed to buying 2 years ago but unless someone does the work, it doesn't happen

  • unless someone does the work, it doesn't happen



    And Milltag caps are way too expensive. We'll be charging closer to £20 per cap

  • As one of the more frequent resurrectors of the thread you linked to, that was the latent demand I was referrencing.

    Given that we have a) a basis of a design (the jersey design) and b) are placing an order with a company that produces caps, the required work would be lower. Hence why I raised the question, to see if there was appetite to undertake that remaining piece of work to get the caps made.

  • Fair enough. I thought that piggybacking on the jersey order might mean less work and a price point of 10-15 thus making the question worth asking.

  • a basis of a design

    You can't get that made though. If someone actually puts a design on a template then all systems go

  • Yes, I did understand from the outset that what I was suggesting would require some work to be completed in translating the design to the necessary template for a cap.

    I do understand now that there's no interest in undertaking that work which is what my post was trying to ascertain.

  • :)

    Take one for the team and give it a bash

  • So sizing: I have the previous club jersey in L and it's a little bit loose (especially on my pipe-cleaner arms), but a good length. These will be the pro cut, correct? Should I size down or stick with L? 6'5 and about 82 kg for reference.

  • I think medium would be a stretch, I'm 65kg 5'10 and the medium pro is very fitted.

  • I'm not a designer and my suggestions for forum Tshirts were rightly described as genuinely to horrible to merit any consideration. I'm also aware that the LFGSS community is well represented by both people in design as well as those, myself included, who appreciate and value good design. So I can see right from the outset that any efforts that I might make would be a rather fruitless endeavour and an insult to those trained and skilled as designers.

    And yes, I understand that it's pretty brassneck to propose a piece of work for someone else to undertake, especially for no reward. Sorry.

  • It isn't that brassneck, if people are fans of the club then you'll get some design together no problem. That's the easy bit, most of the work is in coordinating and distribution which requires zero design skills.

  • Really? I'm 68kg, same height and my pro medium is a bit baggy on me. I'll be going for a small with the new one. Maybe I'm all legs.

  • Not sure I have much upper body ha. I can get into the small. Had to flip a coin when deciding. Me sporting the medium.

    If you live near the Milltag HQ, you can always email them and ask to try something on.

  • The last time I volunteered coordination and distribution it was suggested I'd be a poor choice because I'm not London based. So yeah, cheeky as fuck really. Sorry.

  • The jersey is now for sale on the shop: https://shop.lfgss.cc/products/lfgss-201­8-pro-jersey

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  • How stretchy are these? I'm a L in most club fit stuff (eg Rapha Brevet), but at 6'5" and with a 42" chest, even the XL looks like it might be a bit too pro for me...

    Edit: though the sizing chart on the Milltag site suggests the XL pro fit will fit a 41" chest and an XXL a 43" chest - will maybe drop them an email and see what they recommend.

  • How much do you like the sex club look?

    Go Large if you like the sex club look .
    XL will fit comfortably, maybe too comfortably.

    If in doubt... email Milltag and tell us what you learn.

    At my work they have a "shit David says" meme... I suspect the opening line of this matches that.

  • Would be interested to find out too.

    Anyone with similar chest size got the previous run? Interesting that they do sizing of pit to pit and weight but not a recommended chest circumference.

  • The Milltag website has some more comprehensive sizing charts, which give chest sizes.

    @Velocio: a time and place for everything; the place for that is probably not on a bike...

  • Ah, but what size did you go for?

  • I thought I'd save the sex club look for when I'm not in the lanes, so XL; if Milltag get back to me and tell me that decency demands an XXL I'll have to ask whether I can have a special order!

  • So Milltag website says XL = 41in chest for the men's Pro jersey

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LFGSS CC - 2018 Pro Cycling Jerseys now on sale

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