• I’d never seen that! I wonder if it would be possible to deconstruct it and put the control unit and eg the battery in the seatpost.

  • I'm sure there would be some way.

  • e-14 electric shift box

    was looking again at this, hadn't seen this diagram when you brought it up before. I'd assumed the shifter & hub were both directly attached to the can bus, but actually there's this adapter module thing - so you could either attach your own controller unit to the shifter & hub & try to figure out whatever their wire protocol is, or get something like a raspberry pi with a canbus hat, attach to their adapter module & figure out their canbus commands. kind of annoying that they obviously have all this documented somewhere, but they'd probably never give it to a hobbyist...

  • Agree - it should be more straight forward than it is, but it is beyond me. Physically hacking the Aussie thing so it was prettier / more hidden would be easier and may well be my best route. I’m about to upload some photos and a video of the current (cable) gear change

  • Those are the levers.
    That is the “washer” - it is two notches on the top and ~8(9?) on the bottom. Mr Rohbox says replace it with washers. I bolted it onto the end of my drill and ground all the notches flat with a metal file, it took ~3 minutes.
    Rebuild the levers but throw away the return spring and any bits that relate to multiple gears, I’ll see if I can find a photo.
    You now have levers that swing freely but are returned to centre by cable tension.
    The rohbox has return springs and ratchets on a cog, so my right lever shifts it to a harder gear and my left to an easier gear.

    It works, it works fine, but you have to push the lever to the full end of its range and it then goes “bang” into the next gear.

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  • Don’t know if that will work. PS forgive my half-wallpaper-stripped spare bedroom that has ended up being storage / bike fettling space

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  • Is the problem that you have to push the lever too far over (so if you got more leverage / less travel it would be better) or that it’s too hard to push (so you need less leverage or weaker springs or something?)

  • Unfortunately both! You have to move the lever to the end of its range, and when it gets there, push it hard. I’ve now cleaned and change the oil in the hub, next job is to double check/re-fit the gebla box and grease it fully, and see if that improves it.

  • Did the video work? I’ve just tried it and it doesn’t seem to for me, it was less than 30mb though

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