• Funnily enough this is for an old orange Day One. Drop bar so the rapid fire wouldn't be an option unless I change the cockpit (which could happen). I'll be getting the JTek then, unless that is crap too.

  • Partner has a Jtek on an Alfine11, seems to work well- a bit heavy/clunky but good reliable shifting once it’s dialled in

  • Thanks, that's just what I needed to hear

  • I had the jtek one on a nexus 8, worked absolutely fine.

  • I realise that this isn't strictly frame related - but I've just ordered the Alfine 11 - 11 piece kit and oil plug from Titanium Planet in Switzerland
    I can't quite figure out what the bolt in the middle is for.

  • I think it is for the chain tensioner, should you have one of those.


  • Ah that makes sense!
    Edit: almost definitely is the deraileur mounting bolt.
    I can probably use it for something else.

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  • Who has experience with the Gebla Rohbox, and has anyone managed to make it work with dropper post levers? 🤔

  • My only question is whether the dropper levers pull enough cable to move the cog mover thing enough to rotate the shifty cog enough to click the hub. If that makes any sense. My guess is they would and that ought to be a super clean looking setup.

  • No way a dropper lever moves as much cable as a shifter.

    Does the Rohbox thing do like a ratcheting thing where you only have to pull a tiny bit of cable over and over again?

  • Yes. It has internal springs to return it. It's a one gear at a time situation, so the cable pull doesn't need to be anywhere near the amount a Rohloff shifter moves in total.

  • Cable pulls little steel piece on the spring which spins the wheel thing. Indexing is in the hub. Just had to pull enough to spin the wheel thing.

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  • I am halfway through trying to make it work. I set it all up, it changes gear, but it isn’t nice. You have to push the lever hard to make it change. But it does change.

    I need to think about:

    Better cable run?
    Not yet filled the inside of the gebla with grease
    Change oil in the hub
    Hub is maybe just too old (oh. It’s just occurred to me I could have a problem with the hub :( )
    Fiddle and tweak the gebla box ratchet thingy.

    I’ll take and send a video, maybe tomorrow

  • I considered one of those cam cable pulley noodles that allow short pull levers to operate v brakes. I think it was problem solvers who made them. This would give even more cable pull for no extra lever movement.

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  • I’m using campag v2 shifters with the ratchet wheels inside them ground smooth, having the same effect as Mr Gebla’s instructional YouTube but not replacing the inner ratchet wheel with washers, which would work on a newer shifter but not on mine (for reasons I could explain if anyone is interested!)

  • That would be interesting, but not very pretty.

  • I can’t reply to myself but the lever pulls cable fine but nothing happens, and then when you’ve swung the lever right to the end of its extension it suddenly riccochet pings into the next gear. The intended (small handed) rider would say it doesn’t work properly. It does, in a sense, but it doesn’t work nicely.

    I am fed up with it sufficiently that I looked at the electric shift box, but so far that only works on e-bikes, and although I have a son dynamo so have the means of powering it, I think redoing the electronics/programming would take me years to learn what I was doing. Currently I have no idea.

  • Thorn have just posted on insta that they modded some deore shifters to work the gebla. Could be a good solution for you?

  • I literally just saw them. But I'm totally confused why they used the version with the gear indicator? 😂

  • Haha. I thought the same thing. Functionally fine shifting I’m sure but those gear indicators are hideous and useless here!

  • Given that there is a version with no indicators the choice is fucking bizarre!

  • Where there's a will......😉

  • My only thought is it must have been an experiment and they had those knocking around unused.

  • It's a shame the Edsan Shiftezy is so damn ugly/clunky.☹️

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IGH, Alfine, Rohloff, Sturmey Archer and frames/bikes built for them...

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