LFGSS.CC-Spring Training.

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  • First up, I'm not in London till Mid/End February.
    Second up- When I'm back- we're going for a ride- Sunday the 21st February.
    Attaque Route, Attaque rules.
    Week after that- will be a Saturday ride at our (not-so) Secret Circuit. Provisionally.

    Good luck @amey and whoever else is Winter League-ing.

    Racing starts up here 16/04/15- at Mallory Park.
    Leicester is 1hr7 mins by train from St. Pancras. If we get organised- I could in theory pick people up in/ just outside Leicester/ meet in Leicester and ride out. We'll discuss it as and when.

  • I'll ask as you haven't stipulated this time; roadie geared training only? Or will there be possible rides suitable for fixed critters?

  • I'm focusing on roadie/ potentially TT stuff- purely out of selfishness.
    I'd love it for @dimi3 or you (or anyone) to step forward for fixed stuff.
    I just don't have any experience with fixed crits at all. And swore off brakeless on road because I don't trust myself on one (long story), but have nothing but respect for those who can control it.
    In terms of these rides- 'Attaque' really isn't super fixed friendly, and chaingangs with a mixture of fixed and geared can have some pretty serious issues (having been both the fixed rider and geared rider in a few of them).
    The secret circuit- if you get enough people out, it would be great as we can have two groups easily, with a timekeeper, and the roll-out there is pretty chilled out anyways.

    Equally CX is nearly over, but I'd love some skill sessions in the summer and early autumn.

    And I'm looking forward to having time to go track riding, but for me training really starts in late February. Right now its all about tick-over training for me.

  • That's cool, I understand. Though I would always have a brake when training on roads anyway, 48/15 isn't emergency skid friendly.
    Ive never raced, so don't really feel qualified to lead a grouo...not sure there are enough on here interested and we're probably only looking at 4-5 fixed crit races through the year anyway.

  • I'm well up for this, as always.

  • It looked like you guys had plenty of fun last year and I'd be keen to join you in feb. I have no intention of racing, but fast training rides are always good.

  • I can't make the attaque as family stuff has come up on that day, but will be in for the secret circuit I missed last time around :)

  • Hokay, so a detailed investigation into my personal relative fitness, has led me to the conclusion that 'I need to train more.'

    Would anybody be interested in doing 50-60 miles next weekend (Sunday?) around Kent. A good, relaxed, fairly steady first ride of the year. More looking at building decent base miles, than killing it on every climb (well, mostly).

  • Blackheath Velo do a Sunday ride into Kent which you'd be very welcome to join.


  • Fast Sunday ride anyone?

  • Anyone out this Sunday? I was thinking Surrey 5 hills, approx 16mph (if I can manage that)

  • I could be down for that, yeah. Would be good opportunity to run in my brakes

  • Tempted, depending on timing.

  • @Howard @branwen I can head out early to mid morning. What timings you thinking? Also I was thinking riding out to it but may train back as it think it might be a bit grim route (unless one of you knows a clever way). Am open if something works better but fancied some good climbing down south

  • That sounds fine by me. Will probably ride out too, and see how the legs feel by the time I get around.
    Edit: Also might bring a friend along, if thats okay? He's been keeping up with me on Richmond Park laps, so would like to get him doing something a bit longer

  • I know a way back via box hill that isn't that grim

  • Totally fine, and anyway it's not like I'm in superior form or something. Cheers @Howard sounds good. I'm in Peckham. Want to head south together? @branwen we can pick you and your friend up somewhere along the way so you don't have to come in from Richmond?

  • Maybe - really depends on time. I'd do an early start so I have a bit of the day left afterwards.

  • Are you following the classic route? Anywhere from Effingham to Ranmere common should be fine. And yeah, I'd prefer an early start for the same reasons

  • I know a way back via box hill that isn't that grim

    If you come back via Epsom don't go via Horton roundabouts and up through Chessington. Mains water pipe burst on Hook Road last night, 40 houses flooded and road closed from Bridge Road to the Ace Roundabout. Engineers reckon there will be partial closures for a couple of days as they do repairs and check for subsidence/sinkholes.

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  • Ok so how aiming to be at Effingham by 10am, is that early enough? Classic route yeah

  • You guise should come to Kent xxx

  • What's happening in Kent?

  • Hills, coffee, cake

  • Well why don't you come to Surrey?

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LFGSS.CC-Spring Training.

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