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  • I'm testing a WiFi thermocouple from at the moment. Cheap and cheerful but promising. Will let you know how the testing goes.

  • OK, wonderful, really interested to hear how you get on!

  • It's a bit if a rabbit hole finding good ones tbh.

    There used to be a product called a thermopeanut which was perfect for what you want. Six month battery life, loggin, ble sync but they went out of business and bricked all of their sensors when they shut the servers down.

    The best on the market is Sensorpush, but they are £80 each.

    I'm hoping that the iot4 ones work well. If they don't, I'm just going to make my own using an esp module and thermocouple.

  • Sonoff have temperature and humidity sensors, and they work well with most hubs.

    And it's all local and highly configurable, without too much faffing about.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can come and do some cat 5 cabling for me? In South London, Herne Hill.

    I currently use powerline adaptors to link from downstairs where the cable modem is, to upstairs where I run my second Unifi AP.

    Downstairs, I get wired download speeds of 124Mbit/s. Upstairs, after the powerline link, it drops to 37Mbit/s.


    I'd like someone who can drill out of the house downstairs and install an rj45 face plate, with a cable that runs up and around the house then through the wall and into the upstairs study where the powerline currently is.

    All recommendations gratefully received.

  • Ok, so the iot4 WiFi thermometers are really good but I'm afraid there is no Google home integration. I believe it's fairly easy to make your own integration but I haven't done that before so can't comment.

    That said, you can pull data values into Thingview realtime so you can see temp and temp history on your phone.. Works very well. Please ignore the random data points. Still testing.

    Not bad for thirty euros.

  • I have a TADO smart thermostat bextention kits(the thing that is wired into the boiler) going spare, if anyone wants one...

    forum donation and one of those posh portuguese tarts­on-kit

  • That sounds like something I wanted to do before we had two kids and the spare room was actually 'er indoors office.
    I spoke to this guy (Dan)

    It's a fairly simple job isn't? Just requires someone with a big drill to drill through two walls, run some cable in a box, and then wire up the face plate (maybe some chasing in).

  • It's a fairly simple job isn't?

    Which is why it will be nigh on impossible to find someone to do it!

  • Thanks for the update. They do look good but perhaps a little more work to setup than I'd like.
    I'm tempted by the sensor push but can't justify the spend really.

  • I have zero experience with home assistant or programming but would like to start using it too control a bathroom fan based on humidity. Is this gonna be too complex for a starter project?

    As I understand it I need to get a Sonoff, plug in the humidity sensor, flash with Tasmota and set up an automation in home assistant? The Sonoff communicates with WiFi right?

    The other option is just use the fan manufacturer's humidistat and switch but they're ugly, huge and expensive.

  • It's really easy. Especially if I help.

    It'd take you ten minutes to get working.

  • I have got the following items I would exchange for interesting craft ipa/sours/larger/stout, that might help you guys get going on some iot projects:

    Wemos d1 mini, new in packaging - swap for 1 bottle/can
    Wemos d1 mini, new in packaging - swap for 1 bottle/can
    Wemos d1 mini, opened and flashed with a bin file - free with any other item, or 1 bottle/can if you're feeling generous
    Nodemcu, new in packaging - swap for 1 bottle/can
    Raspberry pi zero w camera kit - swap for 3 bottle/cans
    Raspberry pi zero w camera kit - swap for 3 bottle/cans
    PhatDAC - swap for 1 bottle/can

    I also have some breadboards and jumper cables i can throw in if you take the lot!

  • Am I going insane or did this thread lose a bunch of posts?

  • They might be in the raspberry pi thread. There is crossover...

  • Thank you. I am indeed going insane.

  • Has anyone used the Energenie stuff? They look to be a decent price but it doesn't look like they can work without access to the internet.

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Internet Of Things / IoT / Connected Home / Smart Houses

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