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  • Literally just bought a Samsung tumlbe dryer, partially for the app. Arse.

    Was hoping to try and work out a smart way of linking the soon to be installed solar panel monitoring to the tumble dryer, so that it somehow switches on the tumble when there is a solar excess.

  • Sadly it's going to be the way that many companies operate given how greedy they are and how annoying they can make it for the average person if they try and block adverts from things.

    I can imagine the next series of smart TVs will refuse to do anything unless they can continually connect to the Internet and wouldn't be surprised if they start being shipped with GSM modules for telemetry upload and advertising download to obviate the need for a user supplied connection to the Internet.

  • telemetry upload

    triggered (recently worked on getting a PR merged on opentelemetry, was an uphill battle)

  • our washer sits about 3.5m from our main router, in 3.5 months we've owned i've not been able to get it to connect long enough to finish the setup.

  • Same, the washer sits between a mesh point and the router but keeps dropping connection. The lawnmower parks 20m away, the bbq is 30m away and both hold the connection to the Wi-Fi just fine.

  • That's odd.

    I've got a mesh point in the rafters of my garage and connection in the last 18 months has been rock solid.

  • Sonoff SN-ZBridge Zigbee/Wifi bridge flashed with Tasmota and now reading the temp/humidity sensors around the flat:-

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  • Ok, so you used a debug probe to flash the bridge and that now allows you to get device data over http or something?
    Interesting. Probably a better solution than the USB stick radio + zigbee2mqtt solution I'm using.

  • Can the device discovery in tasmota pass through to home assistant?

  • Yeah, the debug probe is a USB to TTL adapter (the breadboard bit looks complicated but the ESP82xx that's on there isn't part of this, I was just using the end of the broadboard as my jumper pins were too big for the holes in the Sonoff board so I had to use bare ends of some wires instead).

    Can the device discovery in tasmota pass through to home assistant?

    I believe so, I haven't got to the next stage of getting the data off yet but Tasmota has a mqtt server in it so I'll get it out that way and into Prometheus.

    I had bought a ConBee II USB stick and was planning on using that but the only places I could host that easily didn't have good connectivity to all of the Zigbee sensors in the flat, whereas the flashed Sonoff ZBBridge can be stuck in unobtrusively in the middle of the flat and is easy to power.

  • I'm trying to get a Sonoff Dongle Plus to play nicely with Homeassistant at the moment.

    It is not going well.

    HA is running in a VM on a laptop. For reasons.

    Which means that the USB is being captured by the laptop, before I can pass it through to the VM, so I need to use proxy the serial port as a network port.

    It doesn't help that I can't remember why I need the USB dongle and not the bridge, nor can I remember where my MQTT server / broker are running.

  • You should be able to pass host USB through to a guest VM no problem. What VM host are you using?

  • Ubuntu running VirtualBox, with Hassos as the guest operating system.

    If there's a way to do it painlessly, I'm all ears!

  • I had bought a ConBee II USB stick

    i've had no issue but it sits on top of the fuse box which has a spare socket in it. Get about 10-15m of range without a problem for my zigbee sensors

  • And if you have mains powered zigbee devices (bulbs or sockets) they act as repeaters.

    I have my conbee stick connected to the host system in the corner of a 3 bed bungalow and with 3 bulbs and 4 sockets can use sensors throughout the house.

  • Hah, started looking into the minimum I need to get the temp/humidity data from Tasmota, probably via MQTT and I see someone I had a robust discussion with at my previous work about software patents (I was arguing against them). Turns out he co-invented MQTT (amongst lots of other things).

  • Ubuntu and it's out-of-the-box readiness.

    After a mere 8 hours of farting about, I found out that I needed add my user to the vboxusers group, so that the VM could see anything on a USB port.

    The I found out that I needed to add the same user to the dialout group, as the Sonoff dongle is a USB to serial pass through.

    ZHA appears to be able to see the dongle & a switch, so at least I don't have to bother with any MQTT nonsense.

    Now to make the switch actually do something.

  • The door sensor actually works. Noice.

  • Wasn't sure whether to post here or the 'Any question' thread but is anyone familiar with Blink cameras? I've been tasked with sorting some indoor cameras for my gran following a couple of falls. The Blink cameras seem ideal (cameras are battery so easy to place without power wires/easy to use app for my parents/mic/speaker/motion detection etc.).

    I think what I need is x many indoor cameras + the Sync module v2, to plug into power/router. However the sync module doesn't actually appear to be for sale on Amazon, I can't work out if it's out of stock or just not available. Is there a way around using the wireless cameras without the sync module? Can they pair with something like an Echo Show? Or alternatively another camera system that offers similar capabilities? Thanks in advance.

    Edit - sync modules appear to be available second hand on eBay, that might be the easiest option.

  • Sync modules actually come with the box (at least it did with my 4-pack outdoor one, I too wasn't expecting that)

    They seem to miss some of the action as sometimes don't get activated very quickly and there's a retrigger delay after max 1 minute of recording. Which is a bummer.

    I'm attaching the screenshot from the management interface.

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  • That's really helpful, thanks. I've ordered a 4 pack of the indoor ones, let's see if a module turns up too, the description was unclear.

    I don't think we'll need to record function, just the live view so hopefully that'll make it run more smoothly.

    Edit - 4 pack of indoor cameras arrived today and does include a Sync Module 2.

  • Don’t suppose anyone has any Simplisafe referral codes..?

  • oh yes I do!

    See @stevo_com post later on.

    That should get you Β£100 off

  • Anyone not using an IKEA SYMFONISK speaker and would be up for parting with it?

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Internet Of Things / IoT / Connected Home / Smart Houses

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