• This is why people who are thinking of coming should come:

  • awoke today with delayed chronic back pain (!), so have personally banned myself from TNRCing / WNKRing with the commute rucksack ever again!

  • is there a ride this Wed. fellas?

  • Oh, fair point, should get a ride up. After my 2 week eating holiday I feel I need something on the flattish side. Lets see what the mysterious controller comes up with.

  • Is it this week, sorry I've been busy sampling the contents of my drinks cabinet.


    Not done E4 yet this year.

    Q: June 24 - Ingatestone?

  • I probably can't make this one but Ingatestone on the night closest to the longest day of the year is a great shout.

  • Moving over from a conversation started in a ride thread about the suitability of the Mid Week Evening Rides sub-forum:

    I think the ride tonight would be completely ideal for new riders to get involved with WNKR and yet I don't believe there will be very many people (new peeps, old guard or just seasoned forumgers who've been considering but have just forgotten they take place) as I feel WNKR and TNRC are stuck in a sub-forum where hardly anyone is reading the thread or seeing the new rides being posted. I know numbers have been a bit thin the last little while, but that's definitely not due to leadership, talent, drinking ability or our overall good looks. Which leads me to believe it's the subforum its posted in. I personally would like to see the Midweek Evening Ride forum deleted, and the TNRC and WNKR threads put back into the Rides thread, and new rides should pop up in the Rides thread (as they are all rides after all). The Rides forum is not that busy - surely it would just contribute to people getting out and getting involved?

    I appreciate that the mysterious controller @WNKR and their occasion partner in crime @middleofnowhere like the ability to post new rides within a certain thread as it's much more organised - however the downside is that I think it's burying the rides in too many layers of threads and people are not seeing them, and turning up. I would love to see the numbers stay up for WNKR and TNRC - it's some of the best riding I've ever done and with great people, no coincidence - because I think more riders may love it as much as me. Further thoughts?

  • I suppose we could try putting the next ride in Rides and Races to see how it fares there.

  • Are numbers down?

  • (when's the next Kent run please?)

  • Its obviously because I can't make it.

    Yah. That's the reason. Right.

  • We are getting around 6-8 riders which I think is actually a nice number for a night ride, tho we have had a couple of two handed rides and last year there was even a solo mission. The worry is more that there is little new blood coming in.

  • I'd been keen for a trip to Kent soon as I missed the last one. We'll just have to wait and see what the mysterious controller decides.

  • Either 27 May or 10 June, which would you prefer?

  • It would be a lot easier if this was an easy to find link.


  • I've applied for May 27. I think I should get clarity around this request later today.

  • If yesterday's ride was anything to go by I'd definitely be up for more of these.

    Tika mentioned there is a TNRC thread about affordable lights for evening road rides? Anyone able to find it for me? Or just recommend me a light in the sub £50 price range pls.

  • I think there are a few discussions in some of the old TNRC threads but they might take a bit of searching to find the relevant bits. There is a dedicated lights thread somewhere too.

  • Once you know, tell me to tell Matt so he can tell the mysterious controller.

  • Just seen this on Wiggle http://www.wiggle.co.uk/cateye-volt-300-­front-light-wbattery-and-charge-station/­

    Not taking any responsibility for it, you should do a bit of research, but 300 lumens is about right and the reviews are encouraging.

  • Yeah, I gave up finding the TNRC thread. I'll start looking around on eBay for a second hand exposure light. @middleofnowhere what would you say is the minimum lumen I should bring along on a ride like yesterday's?

  • The Hope Vision 1 has been our reference point for a while, I belive they are around 200 lumens, but I think they go for around £70 at the moment.

  • May 27 has been accepted.

  • If I am back early enough from a break in Herefordshire I will be up for a Kent loop on 27 May.

    Can bring a spare hope or light&motion front light.

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Wednesday Night Klub Run (WNKR 2015) - a bit like TNRC but not on a Tuesday

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