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  • Let's just hope Specialized is setting a trend here that other manufacturers will follow.

  • Can the trend be summarized as climbing lightweight ultra compact disc frameset without unpractical cable integration ?

  • yep the geo is almost 1:1 with my tcr but i could remove 1cm of spacers

  • Did you say 2019 Supersix Evo HM disc?

  • i was going to say something like that yes ... while speshy were busy catering for the Vengemils, others were at it

  • Sales yo.

  • Rival AXS negates any weight savings surely?

    Having said that, all the reviews suggest the Aethos is a great frame. Much like Supersix Evo 2016-2019 flavour.

  • Christ. Sign of the times when a 4.5k bike with basic alloy rims could be considered 'good value'

    I do agree that the geo is good and I would certainly like to try one, despite the fact that I'd never be willing to spend that on a bicycle

  • meh even with that its not too heavy

    dale would have gotten it right if they didnt have BB30

  • They’re not really bicycles anymore. They are key components in a premium lifestyle.

  • It is expensive now to buy a bike than it was couple of years ago with the usual issues of supply etc Maybe they are price gouging who knows.

    4k on a road bike goes long IMO. I spend I think £2.5k on canyon (similar spec'd canyon is 4k now) in 2016, I still ride it regularly.

  • Def price gouging, and it's never going back.

    4k does go a long way I agree - as it bloomin well should. About as long as 2.5k used to.

    Also, that rival AXS specc'd aethos in question - of the demographic who'd buy that, how many would stick with those wheels? I'd guess that the answer is approximately Zero, and if so, by proxy one ends up with a 5.5k minimum investment to 'get the most from it'. Minus the 100 odd quid you could get for flipping the wheels.

    Anyway, not a criticism - I'm sure it's a great bike. I'm just horrified at what is considered normal now, and as consumers we've just lapped it up as always, hence it never going back

  • I'm just horrified at what is considered normal now, and as consumers we've just lapped it up as always, hence it never going back

    me too, the days of 30 quid cassettes are over

  • Cannondale supersix evo himod dual mount rim brake with threaded BB would be peak.

  • but it has been a good 10 years now that full builds are specced that way : top frame, medium groupset, low-end wheels and kit.
    the aethos is in line with this, only the numbers and technology have changed.
    And they sell ! because that's the way brands distibute it to make prices palatable.

  • What have you done with Amey?

  • it's probably not him

  • horrendous hood angle

  • I actually really like it

  • it's a chariot. the real amey is back

  • I'm also into that

  • Aero bike bike with flat bars and slow-arsed gearing WTF

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