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  • It’ll be like trying to get a carbon spoke for a Mike Burrows wheel.

    I’m astonished that was the best solution Giant could come up with given that they’ve always been pretty innovative.

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  • Triple ew! Too MAMIL for me.

  • The challenge is to salvage this page, which has started in the worst possible way.

  • Thanks @amey, @Heldring's crying.

  • If you're into that sort of thing the first one would be okay, but I can't see past those stems.

  • I wish we could go back to the times where hhsrb were essentially tarck bikes with gears

  • Giant really needs to redesign that thing. That's ugly, even by integrated disc brake aero MAMIL chariot standards.

  • saddle needs to be lower

  • TBH that Giant will probably look awesome in 10 years time when the UCI drops the 6.8 rule and builds go lightweight again. It may be appreciated slightly ironically as a relic from the aero generation, like Spinergies or Ergostems, which are fundamentally shit but everyone has a soft spot for. I’m being generous. Is it even that aero?

  • UCI drops the 6.8 rule

    Roadmap to 5.8kg now please. Give manufacturers a couple of years for each incremental step.

    Current rules discriminate against lightweight riders, encourage flabby product offerings and fugly stems.

  • Well ... current Giant paint is really nice in the flesh. The TCR is lush.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  • You can’t polish a turd, but you can paint one. (I’m a TCR fanboi, too.)

  • Is it even that aero?

    It doesn't make any difference at the speed most people ride. Even the pros mostly ride in the lighter option given the chance, probably because these big aero seatposts aren't very comfortable.

  • They may not be ridden to their potential by many of their owners but these are performance bikes after all and should be judged accordingly.

    For a stem to look that shit it must have a significant benefit. Surely to god.

  • Is it even that aero?

    I think it’s there for integration of cables/hoses and having them tucked away is inherently more aero.

    I don’t mind the look too much but they feel cheap in the flesh and it’s exactly the sort of thing I can see breaking.

  • Hopefully this screen shot will save the page

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  • this has disc brakes though, more of a #buyer p*rn bike
    the direct mount brakes version of that is the real HH

  • It doesn't make enough difference at the speed most people ride.

    ftfy but yeah.

  • Excuse poor background.

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  • Deserves a better picture but yeah

  • Better than scoble's .. dunno what happened of it, he had for like 5 mins

  • I thought it was slightly the opposite of this (bit about pro's choice). More riders are choosing aero over lightweight for climbing as the weight saving vs the reduction in drag favours a more aerodynamic bike. Also, a lot of pros using aero frames on the spring classics now that wider tyres and lower pressures are the trend.

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