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  • What the hell are those skewers upto?

  • Would ride.
    Would take off zipp logos.

  • they women's canyons are always dope. agreed that the zipp logos are awful.

    like the old one better though

  • I think thats anodised hollowgram cranks?!

  • Yea. Mars Cycles put together a bunch of bikes for one of the builder's shows a few years back that had some cool custom-ano'd cranks. There's a bike with purple Campy Pista cranks too.

  • Just the night before I seen those cranks I was looking into getting my own hollowgrams anodised a colour for a new build thats happening.
    The price to get them done is much cheaper than I was expecting too. A guy can do it for £20 plus postage!
    But I'd like to get the logos laser etched on again and the single quote I've had for that so far is a bit steep.

  • yeah anodising is widely used, some designer friends use it all the time for prototyping

  • Oh yeah widely used for sure!
    The guy who will do the cranks for me has some mad looking paint splash effect anodsing that I'd like to get on the brake calipers on my mtb.

    I dont suppose you've got any suggestions for a place to get the logos etched back on?

  • in my mind it involves cad work, so no surprise this it comes out much more expensive than a single color anodising

  • Anodising a pattern in Titanium in multiple block colours is quite easy because anodising Ti is done entirely with voltage and no dye.

    I've seen it done where they anodise the whole frame, then mask off the pattern with a vinyl graphic, sandblast the areas where the second colour is and then re-anodise the whole lot. The second pass of anodising will only effect the sandblasted exposed area.

  • Any info on this? Looks like hollowgram Crank in bsa bb shell on a Ritchey logic? Yes that should not work?

  • Fork is Ritchey but I don’t think the frame is. Ritchey does fastback seatstays/seat clamp.

  • not denying that the process is simple, but it requires another level of attention and time spent, masking work, etc. and doesn't surprise me that a company quoting for it returns a much higher amount than a single color

  • you can use a 30mm pf30 spindle (longer than bb30) into 30mm bsa cups, no problem.

  • Since when is horizontal QR levers a thing? Did I miss something? Am i doing it wrong?

  • Thermo-chromatic paint. Hot

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  • for dem aero's brah

  • That rear wheel looks very... #tukt

  • company quoting for it returns a much higher amount than a single colour

    Just to be clear, as I think what I said was maybe misunderstood.

    I have hollowgram arms, a plating company quoted only £20 plus postage to have them in pretty much any single colour. I thought £20 was cheap as fuck.

    Another separate company wanted £60 to laser etch the logos back onto the arms once I had them back from the anodiser. Maybe I think the process is simpler than it really is but I just didn't think £60 was worth the bother.

    But I've abandoned the plan anyway as I've now sold the hollowgrams. But I'm now thinking about what else I can get anodised since it's fairly cheap.

  • it's fine, i understood ! not suprised by the 20£ quote, and the 60£ doesn't surprise me either

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