Bike muggings - Springfield park

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  • I believe they're becoming increasingly popular with the youth these days, but the rest sounds somewhat sketchy.

  • There was a bloke hanging around with a solitary rear wheel on the bridge today. He was with another guy, I presume they were looking for someone with the rest of the bike as he was dressed pretty smartly. I'd be very mindful riding round there later in the day.

  • It may be on again. Experience suggests that these attacks come in sprees, so it's probably advisable to be careful in the area for now, especially after dark (this attack was at 8:10pm). Let's hope it's an isolated incident this time.­ime-london-bike-springfield-hackney-poli­ce-father-attacked-with-son-b990358.html­

  • On quiet way 1 last night

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  • Never liked that stretch at all, always avoid it once the sun goes down.

  • It's funny but I ride it so often I've become oblivious to its isolated and frankly creepy atmosphere.

  • Perhaps funny is the wrong word but you get me.

  • yeah same .. I do let my guard down sometimes though. Awful stuff.

  • True, I'm certainly guilty of chancing it around places where I should know better. It's enough of a pain in the arse to be on alert all the time for cars trying to kill you without having to worry about getting jacked :/

  • rock and a hard place with millwall, die on OKR under a Qashqai near PC World or get mugged on Q1

  • Hearing of some more recent bike muggings in the past week or so on the stretches of towpath along millfields / springfield park / markfield park, and up towards stonebridge lock. (via boaters group). Daylight as well as dark, so be aware around those areas

  • Literally all that has changed is that the weather is now amenable to roadman hanging around outside. They out, they robbing.

  • and half term

  • Housemate was chased by a balaclava'd group (about 7 he said) around 9p tonight over near holloway rd just west of highbury fields. Careful.

  • This normalisation of wearing balaclavas as a fashion item is pretty nuts.

  • Housemate was chased by a balaclava'd group (about 7 he said) around 9p tonight over near holloway rd just west of highbury fields. Careful.

    Fuck this is bonkers

  • This stretch of the Q1 is on my regular commute and I have wondered about avoiding the bit behind Millwall at night. Think I'm going to start doing Lynton Road-Galleywall Road - Sillwood St instead now.

    Wasn't there a spate of issues on the Willow Walk part of Q1 a few years back? I have a vague memory of reporting of an horrific acid attack

  • I've seen these signs everywhere lately and tbh thought it was some kind of Brompton marketing campaign. Very grim story.

  • A poor guy had his Brompton taken off him tonight on coppermill lane. They pushed him off and threatened to stab him. Broad daylight at about 6pm, in front of the houses where it opens out by the lake. So brazen.

    There were two of them on hybrids/mountain bikes, all masked up with one wearing a hi-viz jacket.

    Police were there pretty quick. I got them on my camera but it's pretty low res. The Brompton was quite a distinctive blue/pink/white(?) mix.

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  • That is fucked up. What are the police doing about this?

  • Not enough to deter them it would seem, it's been going on in this area for years.

  • It’s win win for these people and they know it

  • coppermill lane


    What are the police doing about this?

    A week or two ago there was a meeting at HH velodrome to discuss how to move the police to actually act on bike theft. Don’t know what came of it, but it’s gotten to the point where people feel the need to organise because bike theft/mugging is becoming worse and worse.

  • A mate got mugged for his bike nearby too

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Bike muggings - Springfield park

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