Bike muggings - Springfield park

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  • Has this shit got north of Tottenham Hale yet?

  • Not from reports I’ve read. I’d guess there’s not enough escape routes north of Tottenham for them to escape if the police came along. South of Tottenham Hale they have lots of gates into the estates to disperse through.

  • Interesting. Thanks.

  • I can't really imagine muggers bothering with that bit either, not enough cyclists/people.

  • I wasn’t replying to him specifically just the general sentiment. The towpath is pretty crap for cycling in general. People use it only due to the lack of cars.

    There’s no real safe alternative. The other North South routes are the A10 and CS1- both dangerous.

  • I'd rather take my chance with a car and ocassional lorry TBH.

    The cycle paths round there are a bit convoluted, and/or poor quality but there are ways to avoid riding side by side with faster traffic. Less stabby and won't ask for your pin code.

  • Are you one of the muggers?

  •­security/road-safety/london-collision-ma­p You can see here if you narrow down to pedal cycles that there were quite a few collisions on these alternative roads. Imo it’s not clear that avoiding the towpath is safer: you have to weigh the options. Thanks Hackney and Haringey councils for not providing safe cycling infra.

  • Hackney say it would cost too much to light the park.

  • Ridiculous thing to say. As a regular user of all these routes perfectly safely (as always a bit to be desired but still fine) don't encourage anyone to put themselves in a situation when they can be mugged at knife point. Stay away from the towpath when it gets dark.

  • Would be nice if Hackney police were being a little more proactive. I’m avoiding the area if I’m on a bike now and think twice about taking the dog to Hackney marshes

  • Hackney say it would cost too much to light the park.

    I'd happily chip in for a battleship to patrol, to remain safe in the knowledge I'll return home with my bike.

  • A sting with whistles, radios, about 10 guys and a willingness to really hurt someone is the only way that area is ever going to get sorted.

    It flares up every few years and the Police can't/won't do anything about it.

    Take the roads after dark, there are plenty of safe alternatives (that suck in comparison tbf).

    Such a shame.

  • Whistles should scare 'em off

  • Group buy?

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  • There is an excellent meme that can be made with this.

  • I emailed the mayor of Hackney (linking this thread, along with other sources), to Philip Glanville about this recently and he replied this morning. Interesting reading.

    Thank you for your email of 14 October,2019 outlining your concerns associated with "muggings" on the canal from Springfield to Hackney Marshes. Your email caused me to direct our Community Safety Team to make contact with the local police to make representations on your behalf and to obtain an update as to their activities to reduce crime in this area. I apologise for the delay in responding.
    Detective Superintendent Mike Hamer, Head of Crime within our borough, has advised that he has dedicated a number of experienced CID officers to formulate a specialist robbery team. This team has been deployed to this location on several occasions resulting in the arrest of a suspect last month for a knife point robbery. This individual has been charged. I understand that there have been no reported incidents of robbery in this location in the following weeks.
    Detective Superintendent Hamer assures me that his robbery team will maintain a focus on this area and should the problem re-emerge they will expediently undertake patrols.
    In addition to the police robbery team, the Council’s Community Safety Team have liaised with the local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team who have undertaken many hours of patrol on cycles along this location. They are currently working to look at ways to "design out" the problem including enhanced use of CCTV at ingress and egress points. They will continue to patrol the area at key times with a view to prevent further offences.
    Once again thank you for bringing this matter to my attention and I trust I have reassured you that this area is a community safety priority and I have been assured that it will continue to attract police patrols should the problem re-emerge.

  • Spoken like someone who’s never been to Hackney let alone live here

  • Well now I know what egress means

  • I was referring to the mayor

  • They're little white Herons ain't they?

  • egress

    The kind of sandwich you hope that no one eats near you.

    Should probably listen to less radio 4.

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Bike muggings - Springfield park

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