Bike muggings - Springfield park

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  • Surely they just need the CCTV of the nearest cash point?
    If I didn't have a Wife who expressly forbade it and young children I would be organising a sting down there with DLocks and paint.

  • Police have openly said to several victims that they won't be pursuing it. Budget cuts and all that.

  • My least favourite thread on the forum. I live here and regularly use the canal.

  • Encourage them to follow this up with their MP.

  • I'd be inclined to go to the papers if I were told that knife-point robberies weren't being pursued. Although given that he edits the standard and is pretty much to blame, Osborne may not pursue it.

  • Not quite Springfield, but close enough (and this is the main thread about personal security on the towpath)--another mugging report, from @radar71:­

  • I'd like to reiterate this for the poor couple that lost their Genesis Datums, I had no idea this area was so bad.

    The things that make it worth it for these cunts is places like Gumtree, Schpock and now FB marketplace. I’m sure a lot of stuff is also stolen to order (I know a guy who recently had both his rear V brake pads stolen, ffs) and there are dodgy bastards building up bikes out of parts.

    I’ve just got myself a new bike together for the winter and I’ve just insured it with Velosure. The first time I’ve ever had a bike insured. Just in case....

  • Just got a message from a Rapha coordinator that the thieving pricks are at it again. Bloke got kicked off his MTB in Hackney Marshes at 4pm yesterday afternoon. Bike, wallet and phone stolen at knife point.

  • Any more details? Was it on the canal?

  • Several reports recently of kids from the rowing club being targeted around dusk for bikes & phones- police trying to be more visible in the area but for how long?

  • Heading north out of the marshes, near the little bridge going north apparently.

  • A lady had her bike nicked over on the east side of Hackney Marshes, near to New Spitalfields (other side of the River Lea) around two weeks ago.

    She had a post up on the local Facebook groups about it but I can't find it now.

    I think there is a poster up on a tree with details. I've seen it whilst running and not stopped to read it, but I assume it is about the mugging

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  • I think there is a poster up on a tree with details. I've seen it whilst running and not stopped to read it, but I assume it is about the mugging.

    There are a load of posters on the marshes from someone who got their e-bike stolen at ASDA.

  • And just south from where that happened, I've just lost my Langster to a gang of youths. Didn't bother letting them go through the charade of pretending to be tooled up, I was a minute from home and figured the bike was an easier loss than phone/wallet etc. Stay safe out there!

  • Sorry to hear that. Make sure you report it to police if you haven't already. Sadly, they probably won't take action unless the reports mount up.

    It's worth repeating (and in no way blaming you for your route choice): Outside of daylight hours, avoid environments like towpaths but stick to busier streets.

  • cheers, was straight on to the police. Since I moved here I've been using the Langster instead of my Croix de Fer, as a form of insurance* against this happening. And I'm moving out in a couple of weeks anyway.

    *backed up by actual insurance.

  • Mega sketchy shit happening at Markfield Park area last night

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  • Also this last night as well ...

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  • It all seems to have moved north, so I guess for now the advice is not to ride on the cycle path north of Springfield. I seem to remember that all the attacks have been in the evenings, but obviously be cautious in the daytime, too.

    These sprees generally only last for a short(ish) time, and police action will certainly shorten that time, so it's to be hoped/expected that the police do some work on it. It's about the tenth or so spree that I've heard about (in different places, including Islington, De Beauvoir, Hackney Marshes, Springfield, Coppermill Lane, etc.) in 20 years. Still, there's usually something like this going on somewhere.

    As ever, the best advice is to stay on well-lit main streets out of busy hours. Stay safe, everybody.

  • Telling people to use busy main roads is hardly a solution - they would use them if they were safe, but they aren’t. Also, while you can lose your bike in an attack, you are more likely to be injured in a collision, which is always worse (bikes are ultimately replaceable).

  • That isn't what @Oliver Schick said.

    On another note, three times in my twenty years in London I've been attacked with people wielding knives. It isn't pleasant, I would recommend using the roads any day of the week rather than roll through a known mugging hotspot.

  • Friend over for tea earlier said he got mugged in the same area, his friend who is American and was mugged with him, was told to ring her parents to get the pin numbers of the US credit cards in her wallet. WTAF

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Bike muggings - Springfield park

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