Bike muggings - Springfield park

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  • Stamford Hill

    On the A10? What the actual fuck?

  • Yes. He ran out from the right hand side if you are heading away from Morrisons.

  • Wow. I hope your friend is ok.

  • Some crazy shocking stories reading this thread! Saw a fb post the other day that some poor guy had his time trial bike taken at knife point here in Barcelona. Bcn is famous for its tea leafs but not armed mugging with a knife.
    Maybe there's a market for a taser/cs spray that fits neatly under a saddle.

  • neither taser or pepper spray are legal to carry in the UK

  • Bloody hell. Hope she's not too shaken? Was she injured?

  • She's fine, shaken up but unhurt.

  • Squirty jiff lemon would work well enough

  • A big wrench is if you’ve got track nuts...
    Alternatively D lock

  • Neither is mugging people for their bikes and belongings, but it was more a tongue in cheek comment than a patent application. It’s definitely not worth fighting back and risking serious injury unless you really fancy your chances but still such a gamble reading the posts on here, if they’re prepared to target people with kids on the bike and women on their own then not a lot of morals between them.
    I don’t know what the ratio of stolen bikes to recovered bikes is but I bet it ain’t that high, they are so easy to move on with no national databases or anything for potential buyers to check on, and stripping the parts makes it even easier esp with the rise of local and national apps for selling 2nd hand stuff.

  • The things that make it worth it for these cunts is places like Gumtree, Schpock and now FB marketplace. I’m sure a lot of stuff is also stolen to order (I know a guy who recently had both his rear V brake pads stolen, ffs) and there are dodgy bastards building up bikes out of parts.

    I’ve just got myself a new bike together for the winter and I’ve just insured it with Velosure. The first time I’ve ever had a bike insured. Just in case....

  • These reports are terrifying, but I guess not terrifying enough for councils/law enforcement.
    Why don’t they send some undercover armed officers riding down the canal?
    I can only imagine if we get so many reports from forumengers means it happens all day every day.

  • Well, no, they are rare, though at Springfield and other places in the past they have come in clumps.
    The police officer that spoke to my friend was apologetic about how little he could do - he is the sole officer covering two wards. I never quite get why people realise that the NHS is struggling because of a lack of staff but don't realise that about the police. The same Tory cuts are to blame.

  • The cuts are, indeed shit. I'm a firefighter, and we've all been hit with the big shitty stick.

    When I retire (not that long now....I've done 29 years) I plan on becoming a full time vigilante.......

  • It's only illegal if you get caught.......

  • But a very powerful concoction of hot chilli sauce diluted in a bidon is pretty effective and if you like chilli you have a good excuse for having it about your person, you might not want to drink out of the bottle though. And if you do end up spraying it over someone don't forget to wash your hands before you rub your eyes.

  • Looks like the pricks are back, another mugging on the canal near Lea Bridge Rd.­?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=hkv8gp­5kfbjt

  • This was my mate. For clarity it wasn't on the canal or near Lea Bridge Road, but on the cycle path that links Coppermill Lane and the river Lea

  • Do you mean the one that branches off Coppermill Lane just before Springfield Marina? That actually links to the River Lea--the canal only starts south of Lea Bridge.

  • You're correct, edited my post!

  • That's been a hotspot for muggings ever since Coppermill Lane had lighting added. Muggers prefer it if they can see potential victims approaching and (counter-intuitively) don't tend to like waiting in the pitch dark.

  • Sorry, chalk that one up to another lost Aussie making a mess of London geography.

    Hope your mate is alright, I luckily escaped am attempted mugging at knifepoint in Shoreditch park last Christmas Eve, it really shook me up for a while. Hopefully your mate is back on a bike soon, can't let the cretins win!

  • A friend of mine had his bike (Cannonade Bad Boy), phone and cards taken off him at knifepoint at the weekend. It was on the canal about 100m south of Homerton bridge/Hackney marshes.

  • There have been several incidents now between Hackney Wick and Tottenham Lock. Same MO - three young guys, on bikes, with knives. Police are aware but have said there's nothing doing. Think twice about cycling that stretch after dark!

  • I was told the reason for three is that one can go off and get money with the cards, whilst two hold the victim ensuring that they give the correct PIN numbers.

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Bike muggings - Springfield park

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