Bike muggings - Springfield park

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  • Some nasty little scrotes are out just down the river from me, post is from last week but cant find any more recent news, watch out if you are in the area

    WARNING: People of the Springfield Park area – there have been several muggings recently on the footbridge to Walthamstow marshes. Since last week, at least 2 people have had their bike stolen by a group of 8 youths who then run off towards Coppermill Park. Tonight a man had his bike, panniers and phone stolen and was punched in the face. Last week it happened on the well light path side around 1745, so they’re obviously brazen. They’ve found a method that works and are making the most of it. Please warn all everyone you know in the area.

  • this morning, i saw leaflet with a warning about this on that bridge. I feel for the victims.

    How do you think this problem could be solved?

  • National Service.

  • Well the immediate problem could be solved by the police catching them or them being scared off.

    The local hasidic jews have their own security patrols, maybe something similar would work, would probably just move the problem elsewhere though

  • Hassidic Jewss get a bit of licence because they face hate crimes and there's a lot of justification to and advice from the police. If you start "patrolling" you put yourself at significant liability.

    First order is to make sure incidents are reported to the police. Ask them what the SNTs are doing and whether some local PCSOs can route through the area for intel. If you can get positive confirmation of the kids doing this then see about passing this onto the local CYT/YJS.

    Speak to the local councillors as well.

    Away from that, spread warnings around local businesses and try and get it in the local rag.

    it's a longer game but information sharing and pressure will do more than going in mob handed

    1. Reduce the area's disparities of income, or;
    2. Don't ride around on something worth more than their family's monthly income, or;
    3. Learn kung fu.

  • Make it national - Spread the word on twitter make sure you include your local MP and even Boris -then they will be forced to do something as they don't want to lose votes publicity is power these days

  • These attack sprees in some green space happen every few years. It is unusual for it to happen now that it's quite cold, though, and also surprising that they've picked Springfield Marina--I would have thought there'd be quite a few people about, e.g. boaters, but maybe not. Judging by how these things usually go, it should stop happening again soon, but it's best not to assume that it will. In dark conditions, it is usually safer to stick to main streets, which I know in this case means the Lea Bridge Road.

  • Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  • Another new posting over here ...

  • Whoa....something similar happened to a mate of mine Near Kentish Town. They successfully surrounded him as he stopped at the lights, and after knocking him to the ground, they tried to take the bike. Unfortunately for them, he's not the delicate type and put up an immense fight whilst his legs locked around the bike. Having caught one in a headlock, and the other running away after a passer by noticed the commotion and ran in to help. Police arrested the bugger when they arrived.
    Could this be a tactic that's rising in popularity like phone snatching?

  • Unfortunately there was another mugging in the same place this evening. The victim was calling the police as I passed at the bottom of spring hill, I think the attack happened on the footpath alongside spring park, just south of the spring hill footbridge. Apparently there was another mugging last week so definitely worth riding with caution round there...

  • Do you know if a bike was taken or if they were mugged for something else?

  • They took his bike and (I think) his bag. I didn't hang around too long but apparently the attacker threatened that he had a gun in his pocket. Unpleasant stuff.

  • On the 15th as well, post from London Boaters facebook group, I have been going the road route after dark

    Springfield park muggers are at it again. Noticed them too late on the lit section of path, scum pushed me into the fence causing me to go over handlebars, then congregated around kicking and whacking me with some pipe thing. Managed to stand up and fight them off with my bike after which they ran away. Called the police who drove me around the neighbourhood hoping to spot the scum, without any luck. They took me back to the place of attack, there was another police car, and another guy who was assaulted shortly after me! The police are well aware of this Springfield problem, said they will be sorting this out.
    In the meantime, keep your eyes wide open when in the area. You can spot them from a distance, they're in a group, not very conspicuous. You should have enough time to turn round, don't chance it. Good luck.­285/permalink/10152502141651286/

  • Not living on the river any more but got this email from my old rowing club;

    Heads up that somebody got mugged for their bike at the bottom of Springfield Park this morning. Keep a good lookout when cycling along the towpath and report suspicious activity

    Guess it was quite early on when not many people about but never really commuted that way

  • Cunts. This is my hood.

  • Mine too. It's best avoided if possible, you could switch over the river from Millfields and take the long route round. But why should you have to. Pretty bad around there lately.

  • @Orko42 please elaborate what have you seen?

  • I've seen plenty of notices on fences warning folk, plus a few Runners in my block have mentioned it - I've heard but not actually seen, but it's a worth y warning. As soon as the evenings start getting lighter, they seem to converge. It's been the same for the 4 years I've lived here. NO idea if it's the same group or not.
    To be clear, I have'nt seen anything specific, but have heard many people talking about it that live in my block.

  • Mass executions, but we are too soft...

  • A guy got knocked off his bike on Orient Way last night by some of these shits. Luckily for him, me and a mate came through as they were running off and chased the little scrotes down (along with a passing off-duty bus!), so he got his bike back.
    Anyway according to police, bike mugging has gone through the roof in these areas: Lea Bridge Road, Leyton area, and Lee navigation from Stratford to at least Springfield and Markfield parks all the way up to Tottenham marshes... Be careful.

  • How do you think this problem could be solved?>

    Gallows back on Tower Hill

  • These spates are normally caused by an individual or single group. They deserve a kicking. Fuckers.

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Bike muggings - Springfield park

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