On-One Inbred SS Disc Balloonbike

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  • I'm beginning to dislike this Inbred before even riding it.

    Brakes are shite so have fitted new pads which helped but looks like they need a bleed so have ordered a Magura Louise bleed kit.

    Fitted pedals and rolled out the door - getting some weird bang/chain slip shit going on. Chainline looks ok, tension is a bit low but should be enough. It came with some cheapass chaintugs but they appear only suitable for dragging back the QR skewer rather than the axle which seems a bit dodgy.

    The wheel isn't moving in the dropouts and I can't actually see the chain moving so I'm now thinking it might be the freewheel letting go? le sigh

    Gonna fit a chaintug and see if extra tension helps. If not, looks like I need a new SS freewheel too

    Best bit so far is the tyres...

  • ..and this meant to be a single speed, low maintenance, low cost winter beater..

    good luck with that!

  • Guess what...

  • shhhhii....

  • What are the tyres?

  • I know. The seller might've mentioned shit like the brakes were basically fucked.

  • Crazy Bob 2.35

  • Actually probably more likely to be White Industries.

  • Threw the tugs back on and cranked them up and no slippage now, so that's nice.

  • I take it all back. She's up and running now. Much fun. Many weeeeee. Such cool.

  • Bar ends and risers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I didn't do that.

    I need to cut those bars down and either find different grips or different ends for the current ergo grip things.

    Anyone got some pipe clamps and a hacksaw?

  • Anyone got some pipe clamps and a hacksaw?

    Sure, pop round.

  • Bar ends and risers

    I resemble that remark

  • Is Herne Hill rideable? I should take this down for some aero testing :)

  • Went to LBS for some gloves and grabbed a longer seatpost for this - hope 400mm will be ok. As well as some cheap 'normal' grips for when I get around to cutting down the bars. Saw some larger chainrings but not sure what to go with as yet.

    Have bleed kit ready to go but scared of mess inside the flat so might wait until warmer weekend.

  • Buying shimano would have been quicker.

  • Buying the fatbike off ebay would've been even quicker. But I got two bikes and a bleed kit and seatpost and grips and gloves and I'm still up on the deal. And I get to play with weird blue liquid.

  • All the German manuals were shit.

    Found this video which actually documents the correct process:

    Also, DIY bleed block using old credit cards. Knew I kept them for a reason!

    Now have back brake that doesn't bottom out on the bars. Winning!

  • Also threw on the 400mm seatpost. Not sure if I like it - twin bolt but the bolts are on both sides which makes no sense as they do nothing for angle adjustment. Dumb Ritchey clamp

  • @hippy
    I may have a long two bolt post, fore and aft, not side by side

  • Cheers. I'll see how this goes on a ride or two and if it's shit I'll take it back to Cycle Surge then get you looking for that post. :)

  • Flipped stem and chopped 3cm I off each end of the bars. Swapped grips for Spesh wire ons. Feels cool. Could do with replacing rear wheel bearings and front disc pads.


  • Still experimenting with bar and saddle position, trying (and failing) to get it a bit more like the road bike.

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On-One Inbred SS Disc Balloonbike

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