For Sale: campagnolo athena parts

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  • sorry, all sold!

  • Have you actually noticed, that the 8spd gruppo comes with 9-10-11speed wheelset? :)Ā­es-and-cogs-pg60.htm

    PS: I have an 8spd wheelset with exa-drive 8spd cassette body.. I'd really like to swap the freehub bodies if possible :D

    Nice kits, good prices ImHO. GLWS

  • Bump.

    DIbs 9-10-11speed wheelset if split..

  • Thanks, 9/11 s wheelset sold and price drop:

    • 9s veloce 180 pounds
    • 8s athena 170 pounds
  • and I am ready to split athena group

  • Pm re veloce

  • Dibs Athena rd if still available. Sending PM shortly

  • veloce 9s groupset dropped to 170 pounds shipped

  • veloce group prov. sold the athena stuffs are still for sale

  • Hi, for sale again both groupsets: 9s veloce and 8s athena! I d like sell veloce completely but may split that athena!

  • and price drop: both 165, - now

  • Are you in London? What are the headset threads on both the headsets in both group sets? I'm interested in the Veloce, minus the chainset and BB and possible the headset unless its English thread? Would you be willing to sell everything else and if so do you want to PM me a price?

    If your not willing to split the Veloce what the best you will do the Athena for? Again minus chainset, BB and possible headset, unless the head set is English thread?

    Cheers Andy

  • price drop 160 gbp

  • Come on, 155 for a nice 9s veloce really bargain...

  • I am.after veloce drivetrain. (Need cranks, chain and cassette) does anyone need any of the other bits?

  • Yeah, I'll go in with you on the split? So, dibs f+r mechs, levers, hs, brakes and ita BB and you take the rest? PM me

  • @bellabici just DM'd kim, looks like we could be on a winner

  • sorry Lou and Kim, has gone meantime completely:(
    8sp athena?

  • 8s veloce ergos gone, other parts still for sale and price dropped

  • Bugger. I just swung by to try and grab the lot too.

    Nevermind eh

  • no worries, I am sure to have parts you' d like soon. what length you need on crankarm?

  • Thanks @bellabici nice piece of kit.

  • that is fix price?

  • no it is dropped! UP


For Sale: campagnolo athena parts

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