• Because the 4700 share the exact same pull ratio as the 11 speed stuff, this mean that for instance I am able to run a 5800 derailleur with 4700 shifters.

    In theory, I can't see why it would not work at all, I can get the Shimano SLX M7000 derailleur, add a 11-46 and the Jtek adaptor with a double chainset (it's advised against, but I reckon I can make it work).

  • What front mech/ chainset are you thinking of using?

  • A wild Wolverine in the mountains and his happy owner!

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  • I want genetic digest but in 25.4. Does such a bar exist?

  • Once again my Surly Krampus worked perfectly packed with one week's gear. Newest addition is the bottle cage in the fork.

  • Thicc! Lookin good. Where did you go?

  • We rode through Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area in Utsjoki, Finland. You can see all the photos here and the route here

  • Ted Wojcik knows how to make a sexy bike.

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  • random stock bike wheels from the shop to check size, really happy how it fits 650bx2,25

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  • What is it? Looks good

  • good placement of a 24pack. love the cranks. pretty dope bike in general

  • Interesting. There's no way I could get my 24 rack in that position on my Troll

  • My ugly duckling 🦆❤️

  • Sweet. How are you liking that saddle? And does this setup pack all the gear you need to go camping?

  • Saddle is my favourite so far! Super sturdy and the leather shapes nicely to my oddly shaped sitbones. Takes longer to break in than my Brooks as the leather is thicker. It's slowly starting to get a more elegant flite-like shape which I'm also happy with. Only downside is leather doesn't go well with rain. But! The leather deck is replaceable which is great.

    This setup takes (more or less):

    Front Ortlieb duffle bag 24L

    • tent poles and herrings
    • down sleeping bag & a single matress
    • 2 person cotton liner
    • towel
    • down jacket
    • dirty socks

    Rear Carradice Super C

    • clothes: two shirts, linen slacks, underwear and socks x3
    • cooking kit: frying pan, cooking pan, oil, herbs and such, towel, knife, titanium chopsticks, sporks, isobutane propane fuel 110g.
    • tyre patching kit/levers and ninja star tri-hex key
    • USB powered led lights for in the tent
    • decathlon mini stuffable backpack
    • food and snacks

    Wallet phone and empty snack packaging in the toptube bag.

    This is for a 2p trip, the other half took the tent outer/inner. I think if I took my 1p Hubba all would be able to fit in this setup.

  • Monster crossed on commute duty today.

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  • ;)
    Can't wait for my proper parts to arrive for this...


  • First jobs in the shop this morning. Front dynamo and light and 8s speed hub service for the GT. Tensioner adjustment for the P7. Monstour Monday (P7 is a polo bike technically, but whatever)

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  • The Gilles Berthoud is actually great in the rain. Unlike a Brooks it can handle getting wet just fine. I have it on my bike all year round and even on my cx bike. Mine is the brown version. After getting wet it looks a bit dull but when you ride it a bit in dry weather you bibs polish ittl to the point where it looks brand new. Mine has lasted like that for 5 years now and it is still my favorite.

  • Well that's good news! My Brooks definitely couldn't handle the wet that well :)

  • Here's my contribution

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  • And yet another one...

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  • Working on my 3rd project...

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