• A thread to celebrate fat tyres, internal gear hubs and funny handlebars.

    Looking for fatter tyres than in FBNPNA and less stickers, more tank-like indestructibility than in Rat bikes! Pub bikes beater! Frankenbikes!

    No OTPs please, this should be about creative conversions, parts being used for anything other than what they were designed for that kind of thing.

    I'll start with my own Surly 1x1,

    Google image search for things like "dirt drop" brings up a lot of this kind of bike,

    But there's probably a lotjust in the forum,

    The person that suggested I make this thread suggested it being 26" only but I don't think that's necessary and it'd mean bike like @drøn's Rawland Drakkar couldn't be included.

    @Mikenetic had a CP thread for a very worthy Karate Monkey a while ago,

    @svendsvin Pompino is maybe a bit skinny tyred but it's so amazingly bonkers that it deserves being reposted anyway.

    I think @⑦up will have something for this thread soon?

    I'm sure there's loads more forum bikes deserve posting here...

  • Interesting...

  • What is really attractive about rigid 26rs is the fact that they are so versatile and can make for an easy and cheap tourer, dirt drop bar, road, commuter or whatever conversion. I just saw a 531 Peugot with Tange fork go for 30 Euro in E-bay. Anyway, here is some inspiration for my future budget conversion (no dirt quill stems - I find these very ugly).

    then even more retro...

    and some vintage bro pro's porn

  • Woop! A thread I can join! Excellente! This was going to be binned, so I rode it, threw stuff at it, then rode it some more, then turns out I can fit more to it, so I did and rode that, then an awesome bag happened courtesy of Mr @jtrent90 which was easily one of the best bike Items I've ever bought.
    Next up, drop bars and British Coasts.

    @M_V Your Surley is filthy awesome. One of the inspirations. What are your rims built on?

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  • Thanks for including me.

  • Looks like I´m going to spend a lot of time on this thread.

  • Since we're at it then...

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  • cool thread, nice work OP
    gonna be rocking a surly ogre 11 speed rohloff til I die

  • you have to remember I built my first hub geared 29 er in 2010

  • @M_V Your Surley is filthy awesome. One of the inspirations. What are your rims built on?

    Thanks, the rims are Onza trials rims and they're built to a Tensile sealed bearing hub at the front and the Alfine 8 at the rear.

  • No problem. Did you have a Kona that would have fitted in here too?

  • yes I did. I'll root out a photo. hang on...

  • fixed for winter:

    with drops:

  • That's the one, beautiful.

    Is the drillium on the crank a diy job? And is the front rack actually a rear?

    My Surly needs some full fenders but not too sure if the 65mm SKS ones will fit over the front tyre.

  • thank you. drilled, deanodized and polished by myself.
    the rack is a tubus disco rear, that i squeezed. they cracked in the join in the process and had to be welded. considering getting the same for the rawland too.
    60mm gilles guards fit over 60mm slick tyres OK.

  • fuckin sweet ride dron

  • the orange was stolen, I got the green one now. missing the orange, please help me find some love for the green.

  • I remeber that Kona as well, what a beauty! My first bike was that color and my KTM Chicago, which I was saving up for 2 years as a 13 year old boy was also that color, got stolen of my brother couple of years back...

  • Nice thread.
    This is an old Mongoose I've found, paint stripped and turned commuter.

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  • Nice. Like the headlamp set up.

  • What bars are these, Woodchippers? Midge?

  • Signing up..

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