Late 90s - 2000s bikes

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  • Really, really good.

  • I believe I can post my 1998 Colnago Master X Light too? (it's probably everywhere: Colnago owners, MGOOF,...)

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  • my cannondales

    caad3 road late 90's


    caad4 track circa 2000

  • Great build! I do like it better when the components are a little closer to the frame age wise. Otherwise it's just MGOOF as you say.

  • That's awesome! Extra points for the splash tape too! (I can overlook the compact bars and modern sti's) :)

    Coloured tires is also typical for this era.

  • Used to covet these when we went to Decathlon on summer holidays in France when I was a kid. Very cool!

  • Yeah those Decathlon frames have a really nice balance to them. All straight lines and the width of the Aluminium tubing matches the Time fork well.

    Doper bikes:

  • Pettachi's 2001 ride

    Strong look with the classic bars (Deda newton shallow)

  • Good thread resurrection and a great era for bikes.
    Here are a couple of mine

  • Here's a couple belonging to my bro @girodibeniamino

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  • Is there a thread for pro bikes?
    Hincapie’s 2006 Trek

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  • I feel my fauxnago Antonov belongs here too.
    Antonov Elin carbon track bike made in Ukraine in the late 90s/ early 2000s. (I knew it at some point but now I can't remember)
    there exists an earlier version wich was banned from UCI (antonov eney), then shortly after, this UCI approved version was released. It sports the colors of the ukrainian national team, and has a handpainted "3" an the nds side of the seatpost clamp, suggesting it was either part of a 4-man-pursuit team or they simply numbered them to tell them apart. so there should be at least 2 more Colnago-branded framesets somewhere on earth.

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  • Some sexy units in here!!!!

  • The fabled DA Carbon cranks!

  • Lovely lovely bikes all round. @Carabo that Pinarello of yours though... Ooof. Stunning build.

    This my Atala. Frame is from 2000 as far as I've been able to tell. Dedacciai Zero 18MCDV HT tubes, super light and stiff.

  • My steel 90’s / 00’s bikes…

    All Columbus frames. Cougar SLX campag chorus / Sarto Brain campag veloce / Look kg233 Columbus Brain campag record - veloce chainset.

    Only ridden the Sarto (Columbus minimal full carbon fork) so far which is very comfy, although very tight frame clearance.

    Apologies for the terrible photos.

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  • Yep - awesome looking (bit probably thats all). Been sold in the meantime, as is the entire bike. Do you know the reason why they launched this special crank back then?

    @v11boy love that sarto - never heard of this brand, whats the story?

  • There s quite a long story behind Sarto:

  • My first road bike ever, now on indoor training duties.

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  • Great build. Finishing kit and proportions are bang on. Looks like a bike that's pretty from all angles.

    Good to see this thread back again.

  • I like this

  • Thanks!
    Did 10k km then early pensioned it!
    Still so good anyway

  • Let’s play with this thread:

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Late 90s - 2000s bikes

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