Late 90s - 2000s bikes

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  • Guerciotti G35 - 2002

  • I'm probably a bit young as in 2005 I was still mucking around on my BMX and didn't pay much attention to road bikes. Was a bike like this ever considered to look expensive? Kinda looks like something you'd pay £500 for brand new.

  • I also think this is the ugliest wheel setup I've seen in my entire life but at the same time it looks rad

  • My 1999 (I think) Kg231. Looks from this era rule. Tried to use as many mid-nineties bits as possible on the build.

  • That's not a KG243. I will post a photo of a KG243 has as soon as I finished it. ;-)

  • Looks like a KG221 to me


  • @windym @WimVDD I have often wondered! I think it may be a 231? although it was sold to me as a 243....

  • KG243 is a steel bike. At this very moment I'm building my 243. Don't know the numbers of Look carbon bikes.

    But 243 or not, nice bike you've got there.

  • Thanks! Its not a 243 thats for sure. Good luck with your build!

  • @Nikisthirdwheel - this is a/my KG243:

  • This thread deserves a reboot imo. Definitely digging these youngtimers myself. Just rebuilt my first road bike into a road bike again (too much period correctness for HHRB) after running it as a RGR for a while.

  • That's excellent. Not spotted this thread before but some Cool stuff here. Although my CAAD9 is 2010 it should slot in here nicely (when it's done) as it's dated horribly!

  • Love that. Don't see many bikes where ergo bars improve the look, but they really work on that. Great work.

  • Thanks! Yes these Nitto M186STI bars are more of a combination between compact and ergos. They allow for a flat transition onto the hoods, which helps in the aesthetics derpartment.

  • How young can a bike be before it's too modern for this thread? My 2008 supersix is distinctly outdated without being vintage, but maybe it fits in better with the sort of 2012-2017ish era lightweight non-aero rim brake road bikes ( <- best kind of bikes imo, could do with their own thread)

  • didn't know this thread existed either. The Pinarello is a perfect build.

    I've got some of those Nitto M186sti's for sale cheapish if anyone is after any in 42cm.

  • Here is my modest contribution to this thread, probably my favorite period for "vintage" bikes :)
    2004 bianchi EV ti

    late 90's tinazzi

    early 2000's ciocc

  • That's probably too new for this thread but it's the best vintage for race bikes.

  • Not mass produced, but both of my Donohue-built frames were very of this era (admittedly MGOOFy now).

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  • My contribution...

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  • I'd say one of the main traits of these 2K bikes would be alloy frames and carbon (rear) forks, or lugged carbon frames. Monocoque frames would be pushing the genre except if ex pro frame.

  • Nice collection! Particularly like the Ciocc with the CNC brake bridge.

  • These are my favourite bikes, rim brake, threaded bottom brackets, 27.2 posts, and ridden by dopers - here's my daily ride:

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  • This build is really awesome

    Also love the wheels - never thought Id say this about golden wheels

    trying to contribute, too, hoping it counts

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Late 90s - 2000s bikes

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