Ground Broken at Kings Cross

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  • Noticed workers digging up the south side of kings cross junction and it's because of this:­/kingscross/supporting_documents/KingsCr­ossConsultationMap_WEB.pdf

    Not sure it does a lot for anyone but a wider lane going onto Pentonville looks like a minor improvement.

  • Yeah, they've been digging up bits of Kings Cross for a while now - the bottom of Cally Road is also being converted to 2-way instead of 1-way as we speak, though it wasn't part of those proposals and isn't on the document.

    I thought the plans weren't really great on the right turn towards York Way from Grays Inn Road where Deep Lee sadly lost her life. If you stick with the road on its current layout, as you'd be within your rights to do, the plans as they are will take you into an all-new, excessively wide entrance into York Way, keeping you nicely against the curb on the left, and then taking the cycle lane away and shoving you back into the traffic flow at the bus stands, at precisely the point where two lanes of angry drivers merge into one. It's fucking awful, really.

    The other, TFL-approved option is to get onto the left hand side of Grays Inn Road (no mean feat if you're coming from Swinton Street or one of the other roads on the wrong side of the four lane carriageway that drivers treat like a five lane), and then fanny about waiting for their magic new controlled crossing that'll inevitably be filled with dozy peds.

    That used to be my commute, so it's the only bit I've got an opinion on. Shame I can't find anything much positive to say about it, really.

  • Indeed, that turn looks all wrong, and I have a strong suspicion it will be a two stage crossing as well, with a pause in that dark green box in the middle.

    At least tfl are referring to it being an interim measure, though Deep Lee died two years ago and it won't be finished until after the winter, so a three year interim at that.

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Ground Broken at Kings Cross

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