Talbot 29er & Isen GOAT gearbox prototype

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  • Time for another frame from this forum's own torch-wielding wonderboy.

    I got back into cycling about 16 years ago ( at the tender age of 24 ) and this was the bike that I used to do it.

    This isn't mine, as I had no photos of it, but somebody on Retrobike had this one, which made me all nostalgic.

    I rode that Raleigh nearly every day of the Summer of 1998, around Epping Forest and then, as a mature student in Exeter, used it to explore the painfully steep hills ( for a London boy ) of Devon at the weekends. Once I got fed up of the poor fit, heavy weight and terrifyingly ineffective brakes, I replaced it with something more modern ( though equally poor fitting ). It still brings back memories of getting me back on the bike though, which is something I've really struggled to do this past year.

    To try and rectify this rather miserable situation, I've decided to embrace my mid-life crisis and finally go for a custom built bike. Using my Ogre's geometry as a starting point and researching the angles of various other 29ers out there, I've come up with this.

    It's a few months away yet, so the current project thread is a little ahead of schedule, but I'm on Matt's waiting list now and am genuinely excited to see what he can do.

  • Some things this bike will have.

    Reynolds 853 DZB tubing.

  • 15mm Thru-axle.

  • Rocker dropouts.

  • Holy shit! Subbed.

  • Oooo! Tyre clearance?

  • This forum needs a "Auto follow every thread with Talbot in the titlle"-function. ;)
    looking forward to this.

  • I think it's going to become a balancing act between wanting both short chainstays and decent tyre clearance. I'm happy enough with a 2.2" tyre on the rear though.

  • Fair point, 29x3" up front though right... :p

  • 29x3" up front though right... :p

    I'll start at 2.4" and work my way up from there ;-)

  • Actually, I'd like to have the option of running a decent suss fork, so Matt suggested making a fork with tapered steerer and maxle, to allow for an easy swap between rigid and bouncy.

  • Sounds like a good plan, there's the option for snazzy carbon forks too! I'm a little annoyed I didn't think about that when I got my Karate Monkey, but nevermind...

  • Looks Nice. Nice stable angles which I think is a good idea.

    With the rocker drop-outs you get to vary chainstay length quite a lot.

    I have my cable/hose routed up the seatstays and along the underside of the top tube on the fat bike. Works well With the rockers, and keeps everything out of harms way.

  • I'd go for a 110mm OLD for that fork if you want good forward compatibility with the new wave of plus compatible forks. Tapered steerer in steel is overkill and heavy - 1-1/8" is plenty stiff even with these kinds of A-C lengths (esp. if you'll be going with 31.8 fork blades). Another option is to go 1-1/8" with reducer crown allowing future tapered sus fork compatibility with a simple crown race change. Best of both.

  • What about something that Ryan did with Nik's 29ers?

    He spec it to run with normal fork that's closed to touring geometry, or fit a suspension fork that raised the BB and slacken the head angle for MTB geometry.

    With a bottom height of 294, ht angle 73, offset 51, trail 60. In road
    touring mode she simply puts 28c tires on it, and the bottom bracket
    height drops (to 265) and the trail (51mm) will be perfect for
    carrying weight on a low rider racks front and back. In cross country
    mode with a 80mm travel suspension fork on it the bottom raises and
    the head tube slackened to 68 degrees making it a crosscountry 29er
    mountain bike.

  • Isn't 110mm for 20mm axles? I'm quite happy to go with 15mm and really don't have much interest in the 29er + thing. Unless it *really * takes off, the current, limited range of tyres are just silly expensive for such consumable items, imo.

    Fair point about the steerer. I was initially considering using separate crown races, but unless the tapered steerer is pig-heavy, then I really like the look of it.*

    *I realise that I won't be able to see it.

  • I remember that Oak and it was an interesting idea. For this though, I'd rather go with geometry that I'm comfortable with and base the majority of the 'customness' on getting the fit & weight distribution spot on.

  • Some extra numbers and angles for you - comparing what I currently ride and what ( I think ) will be better for my neverending torso.

  • Really liking the Foffa high rise look.

  • You saw my true inspiration then.

  • high rise

    High + far though.

  • Not for much longer! 110mm will be used to give a wider crown clearance for 3.0" tyres (15mm thru).

  • Something to consider then, cheers :-)

    I'll be using Pro2 Evo hubs, so getting the correct hub adaptors should be simple enough.

  • 110mm will be used to give a wider crown clearance for 3.0" tyres

    No objection here, as even with 'only' 2.4" tyres, it'd be nice to have extra crown clearance.

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Talbot 29er & Isen GOAT gearbox prototype

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