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  • I have become sort of obsessed with my new ( to me ) S1. As said before I wanted one since seeing the "Overcoming" documentary about team CSC at the 2004 Tour. Bought a Black and blue frameset off here 7 or 8 years ago , then rode a mates and absolutely could not get on with it after my horrendous crash previous to buying. It was just too stiff where I was recuperating after breaking elbows , wrists and both hands . This problem also caused me to sell my beloved 2007 c'dale system six.
    Ironically the bike that tried to kill me was still fine. Anyway time is clearly a great healer as I decided to try again , and I fucking love it , even for a fatty like me it flatters and makes every ride feel special and I am again going further and further and loosing the lockdown "carbohydrate store" I have gained. I know they can be a bit marmite , but I think all Cervelo look great and just special amongst everything else.

  • Be gentle , not finished yet , still pretty much as purchased .

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  • Cool bikes, these last two pages! I am prompted to get mine out of hibernation.

  • Do it . Then post some pictures.

  • S2's the one at the top.

  • Recent pic of the P3. Forgot it has non-matching forks which I found for £20.
    It’s getting on a bit now, lots of blemishes to the white paintjob and paint around the brake cable holes is starting to flake away.
    Might treat it to a respray if the seatclamp doesn’t explode this racing season...

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  • @Brommers is that one of Tester’s rear light seat clamp brackets on the P2?

  • Well spotted. It is indeed.

  • Oh my oh my.

  • This is a lovely page so far. Sorry to fuck it up with my 2 cents, all pictured at the local velodrome. A mate's T1, my own T3 and a very good mate's T4. The last actually being a dentist ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • my own T3

    Tell us about that paint, Wolf fork suggests that it's a very old P3T in new clothes.

  • Yeah I guess it's a youngtimer. Previous owner was a banker that wanted everything black. I think you can imagine what his home looks like. I don't know how, but I seem to end up with black bikes on a regular basis. I really like some colour, but the blacks apparantly are bargains and I'm Dutch. I'm told that the cf on the old T3 is much lesser than the later version, but I have no clue how to investigate on this.

  • Quick update with stealthy stem and excess steerer addressed

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  • That's purdy.

  • that's a very aesthetically pleasing bicycle

  • Seriously good

  • Just invested in my first Cervélo and need some assistance please forum.

    I've been doing some fun TT stuff and plan to do a half IM next year, so have been looking for a budget(ish) setup. Bike24 had a 2018 P3 frameset for around £550, which seemed like a good deal. Unfortunately, after my impulse buy, I discovered that it doesn't come with a seat post and these are bloody expensive and hard to find. I have some questions...(probably should have done some research first):

    TIA. This is the frameset (stock photo):

  • BBright accepts anything longer than BB30 cranksets. the spindle of a bb30 chainset is too short for anything else than pure bb30 frames. so you you could get a new longer spindle if it is a hollowgram crankset, or new cranks.

    i have a cervelo specific rotor 3d crankset (with a thicker spider that acts like a spacer) and balances out the assymterical bb you linked.

    also pretty easy to find cheap TT bars etups on ebay, to try out at least and see what you like. I got a pretty nice full Vision carbon TT cockpit for 35 £ that i used on my fixed for a while.

  • Any suggestions where I can find a post? Everywhere seems out of stock, even the Cervelo site. I assume there are no budget alternatives to the Cervelo one?

    Last one I got was from eBay. I don't think there are any non-Cervelo seatposts which are compatible.

    BBright = BB30 but wider on one side, yes? So my BB30 chainset would work with something like this:­right/bbrighttm-outboard-abec-3-bb-for-3­0mm-cranks-black.html

    Depends which cranks you have. As Glws says, if it's a 'proper' BB30 chainset it won't fit. If it's a 386EVO chainset with a longer spingle, like a Rotor 3D+, then it will.

    Any suggestions for budget bar setups? This is a world I am new to and it scares me.

    Zipp Vuka Alumina base bars and extensions are reasonably cheap and very adjustable.

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback. I just had a panic that the NOS cranks I ordered (Rotor Flow) wouldn't fit, but Google seems to think otherwise. Apparently they have a 'UBB30' axle that works with everything:­flow-mas-power-meter

    Seems this is the go-to BB?­tor/triathlon/bottom-brackets/bbright/pr­ess-fit-4630.html

    Seems wise to get something second hand off eBay until I know what works - there's a set of the Vuka Alumina base bars/extensions on there at the moment I will go for.

    Will keep an eye on on ebay for a seatpost...

  • I just had a panic that the NOS cranks I ordered (Rotor Flow) wouldn't fit, but Google seems to think otherwise.

    Google is right. I've got a pair on my P5 which is also BBright.

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The Dentist Association; Cervelo Owners Club

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