2 x West Ham v Man City Tickets £125 each

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  • you are ticket touting ( illegal ) and profiteering ..... fine example of the sense of community

    looking at your posts you don't appear to have got involved and have only sold things
    so why again did you join ? did you actually go on any of these rides ?

  • Hypocrite!...you made stereotypical sexist remarks and then have the cheek to call everyone who thinks £250 for 2 footie tickets is crazy are being cynical!

  • He says he did...#22.....and I do!....well a bit!!!!.....and well done WHU.

  • From the back streets of working class communities to the international ownership of charlatans and short term profit business men who have no heart, passion or soul for a sport that once had some integrity and honour.
    I once loved football but made the mistake of working at a Premier League Club and had the terrible misfortune to see the hypocrisy of its big flashy gestures and empty talk about racism, sexism, bullying etc , yet behind closed doors see the sickness of their vile minds was worse than anything you'd see in a regular work place. It was like being trapped in 1974.
    Trust me, they deserve to disappear up their own arses and we need to be rid of these opportunist bastards who use the fans and treat them with contempt.

  • more fool you for accepting the job. all of that's fucking obvious. went off the game years ago.

  • We won the World Cup.

  • And the ball definetley crossed the line!

  • no that was 1874

  • the sickness of their vile minds

  • The result was stonking though!

  • anyone have recent poo related stories they'd like to share?

  • .

  • yep ..Had big clear out this morning, There was an ale festival last night in weather spoons, I got woken by a rumbling tummy & once the solid plug came out it was all liquid !!!

    Then i had breakfast..

    How about you ?

  • Another sad loss for the forum. You'll be missed ticket seller.

  • I've just been sitting here, recalling all the memorable contributions @veritleigh made.

    It took 3 seconds.

  • You're asking for 62.5% of the price of my entire (premier league) season ticket for two tickets to see a shit team in a shit ground.


    city were terrible, you were right , but upton park isn't that bad

  • Really? That fuck off great plastic castle they have attached to it makes it look like a Toys'R'Us for cunts.

    'There's thousands of wankers all under one roof, it's called Upton Park, Upton Park, Upton Park.'

    Caveat: from Essex, don't like West Ham. This probably isn't the forum for that. :)

  • So much this ^

    Looks like something from an imitation Legoland.

  • That is truly hideous.

  • squint a bit and it could be 11th century norman

  • I detect an element of Disneyfication in there...

  • mirth :D

    'i'm foreva blowin bubbles..'

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2 x West Ham v Man City Tickets £125 each

Posted by Avatar for veritleigh @veritleigh