• I'm regurgitating my thread from a couple of years back. Last time I hadn't dismantled the bike and fell back in love with it. This time, it's stripped so there's no going back.

    Based on the serial number I think it's the 53cm frame from 1999, so ST (ctt) 55.9cm and TT (ctc) 54.7cm. Klein

    Catalogue for Klein from 1999 with full geometry: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/gallery2/v/Ma­nufacturer+Archive/Klein+Archive/Klein+C­atalogues/1999_20klein.pdf.html

    It's a stiff, light & responsive frame.

    The paint's not quite perfect but, it's beautiful (just realised I managed to take 2 non-drive side pictures, doh)!

    Difficult to capture the paint colour as it changes depending on the light:

    When I got it, it had slight damage to the paint work on the chainstays:

    It also came with this scratch and a very slight dent on the top tube:

    It also had signs of cable rub on the head tube:

    Looking for £300. Collection only in London.

    Any questions, let me know.

    Two Omegas

  • Oh yes Please! I am in se23 and would love to have a chance to snap up this beauty.

  • Cracker!!

  • Have a bump for a gorgeous frame.

  • Erm, is this gone? It's BEAUTIFUL. I want it so bad!

  • Is this still available?

  • sold.


For Sale: Klein Quantum Frame & fork "53cm" fits like a 55cm. This time it's good bye.

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