Essential winter clothing?

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  • It's not insulated at all, just bot that breathable as it is essentially a hard shell. They label it a softshell but I'd call it a hard shell.

    If you're looking at endura try something like this, it is a softshell.­al-Windproof-Jacket-II/p/bE9122

    Same sort of material as rapha pro team softshell.

  • Thanks I'll give that a look, though doesn't mention anything about water resistance. Assume it has at least a dwr coating. Endura's line up is slightly confusing , the Pro SL Shell II has a much higher waterproof and breathability rating than the 'waterproof softshell' I was originally looking at, which if it is really a hardshell with less breathability and waterproofing than the other Pro SL Shell II, seems a pointless addition.

  • Same with my Repel which is also Windtex, get very wet on the inside. The blurb from Windtex says something about retaining moisture and keeping it warm rather than expelling it as Goretex does so maybe this is supposed to happen

  • Lecol have a winter archive sale on featuring a few waterproof bits.

  • It's not water proof. Nor does it have DWR. Gabba is not waterproof, it's just neoprene.

    That endura will.keep you warm and if its spitting, dry. These days I dont try and get everything in one jacket. Get ome that will keep you warm, and other that will keep you dry. Otherwise you'll be warm and sweaty, and then cold.

    The Pro SL Shell II is a thin waterproof jacket. It will not keep you warm, but it will keep you dry.

    What do you want your jacket to do?

  • Keep me warm and dry

  • And not sweaty

  • And look cooooooool

  • This.

    Seriously though I'm not looking for a do it all, I know that doesn't exist (yet). I want a windproof soft shell that will hold off light/medium rain and will keep me warm when it does soak through. I always pack an additional hardshell, that's not what I'm after. I've owned a Gabba, it does what I want, I just don't like the styling.

  • Blacked out Gabba? You’ll still have a ridiculous looking scorpion on you, but it will be a lot harder to see it.

  • I dont really think a gabba does those things, it might for a short while but then once its saturated it wont. But that's personal opinion.

    Maybe do as suggested above and black a gabba out with pen.

    Thay endura will keep out a shower/drizzle but not rain. But it will breathe. You cant have all of those things. You were right looking for a softshell, the old pro team softshell by rapha wohld be good. Basically same face material as the endura which is polartec power shield pro. Not sure about other brands, not used their products.

    I'd buy something made of polartec power shield pro. It's a lot nicee than the neoprene the gabba is made from.­tection/power-shield-pro

  • @skinny is right, Pro Team Jacket / soft shell does those things. Altho you need to be putting a bit of effort in to stay warm, it's not for pootling about. Then get a rain jacket for when it's pissing down

  • Interesting thanks all, I'll check it out. I do have a Rapha winter jersey that does an ok job of holding off light rain but found I overheat in it unless its under 5 degrees, would be interesting see how the Pro Team compares.

    Honestly I never had any issues with my Gabba, these things are down to personal taste, though like most stuff the water resistance gets worse over time, even with reproofing. Also would like something a bit more visible than a blacked out one.

    The new Sportful Fiandre Pro Polartec kit also looks like a potential...

  • It wont be much better, you'll overheat in anything over 8 ish degrees.

    Maybe get a fleece material if you want a wider temperature range.

    Or just get a gabba! If it ain't broke.

  • They actually do a ‘limited’ blacked out one:­ckout


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Essential winter clothing?

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