Essential winter clothing?

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  • Sportful NoRain ones have been great so far. Better fitting than the Sugoi ones they replaced, bit thicker lining. They do sometimes bunch a little behind the knee but only really notice this after about 4hrs

  • Sportful NoRain are good, but noticeably warmer than normal thermal arm or leg warmers. I find them too hot unless below 8 deg or so.

  • Any suggestions for chamois free winter leggings.

    Other than removing.

  • howies



  • Is it just leggings you want or bib tights?

  • Either or really.

  • +1 for Howies. But mind out if your winter boots have velcro. Mine are a bit fuzzy from the velcro catching.

    I also have some Bioracer Tempest for worse conditions. Recommend both

  • I gubbed some cheap Rapha ones off here a year or two back and they’ve been great. As well as the others mentioned I know the Planet X clubman ones have no pad.

  • It's that time of year again

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  • Staying home and baking!

  • Step 1.

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  • Step 2

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  • tin foil is my most frequently worn garment

  • Anyone got suggestions for a decent winter cycling cap? More for the 0°-5° range than anything below that. I've got a really thick one that I wore commuting in when it was -2 and I had to switch to a regular cap for my courier shift because my nut was still too hot.
    Needs to fit under a helmet and ideally not look too shit.

  • I've a headband type thing from dhb, covers your ears and is cosy, but doesn't get too hot.

  • I have an old and trusty castelli thing. A Belgian cap, looks stupid with no helmet.

  • I have a pair of Craft 3D leg warmers that work amazingly. I've used them for a while with some rapha classic bibs. Lowest i've gone is a few degrees below + the wind chill. Arguably that was too cold, but anything around 3 degrees and their great.

  • Walz caps - they do winter ones with and without ear flaps. All very warm. Only look sort of shit.

  • Thanks for the suggestions! Will have a look at those. Should have mentioned that I'm after something that's not made of wool/ any other animal product. I also really prefer something with a peak to keep sun out of my eyes/ some rain off my specs.

  • Swrve winter cap is an essential for me. I lost one once and immediately bought another. Waterproof too.

    Looks stupid AF but what can you do.

  • Walz caps

    If you decide you're okay without a peak i'd go for the gore beanie thing - windproof, super breathable and fairly waterproof. I switched over from a cotton cap a few weeks ago and it's been perfect.
    The quality is so good i got some of their jacket/bibs as well.

  • A massive moustache doesn't help one little bit.

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  • I don't bother with winter caps anymore - instead this is part of my essential winter kit:­d-black-id_8562961.html

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Essential winter clothing?

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