Essential winter clothing?

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  • Been using these, very happy. Now need some waterproof gloves, any suggestions? Might just go for the Gribgrab variant

  • I bought the warmer ones: impressive quality. They even gave me a neck warmer for free. I've ridden 500k during the Rapha Festive with these tights and I am happy so far. Delivery and expedition were quick (especially compared to Rapha who lost 1 parcel and took ages to ship). Sizing is perfect and I love the reflective add-on. I'll buy other things soon.

  • Do any overshoes exists for people with skinny ankles/calfs? Trying to find some that have cuffs that will actually be tight to my legs.

  • Are you trying to stay dry or warm?

  • Warm feet is priority.

  • Can't help sorry, still can't feel my toes two hours later

  • :( something I tried this winter is cut sections from an emergency/survival blanket to wrap my feet, then put shoes on.

    What if I said dry?

  • I've tried that, but it only reflects heat if it's there. If your feet are cold to start with, it doesn't seem to work.
    Best thing I've found is toe warmers under some overshoes, but firstly make sure your core is really warm. If I'm not sweating slightly, my body doesn't bother pumping any nice warm blood to anywhere else, so hands and toes suffer.

  • Today (and all winter) I had toe covers under oversocks under overshoes and I still had completely no feeling in my toes after 15 minutes.

    I think heated insoles is the way to go. I have some disposable ones which I don't want to use because it seems wasteful but I've used some twice and they're great.
    If for keeping dry, grip grab do some calf high waterproofs and they're good.

  • Winter boots for cycling are available.

  • Anyone tried the Planet x Clubman tights? They're currently dirt cheap:­lanet-x-clubman-roubaix-winter-bib-tight­s

  • Some chat back here about Planet X tights in general. Might get myself some of those tights at that price though!

  • After having got the specialized neoprene overshoes I can confidently say I will never have cold feet again. That problem is solved. Now onto the hands.

  • After having got the specialized neoprene overshoes I can confidently say I will never have cold feet again

    Have you tried them in the rain yet? The fresh influx of cold water keeps you nice and chilly, I find.

  • I have. It took a solid hour of torrential piss taking from god to finally soak down through the tights. Wet feet but not cold feet.

    We are all unique snowflakes so might be different for all but I am one of those people with 'bad circulation' at least I tell people that, no idea if it's true.

  • Yes, i have a pair. I bought a size too big and use them over some thermal bibs when the weather goes negative. They're pretty good, and hard to beat for the money. With them being the wrong size i find all the excess material flapping about really annoying, but that's not exclusive to these specific bibs. You won't be able to beat them for price.

  • Do they have a pad in them or not?

  • Got a link? 👍


    There's a tall version as well that comes up to your knees for an extra £20. I don't work for our malevolent spesh overlords btw just think they're good.

  • Do they have a pad in them or not?

    They are unpadded. Which I how I prefer bib-tights.

  • The Planet x Clubman tights are great. No issues wearing them under padded shorts even on audaxes. ( Really ) What a bargain.

  • I've just bought a balaclava... for Africa.

  • Can anyone with a pair of Galibier Artic overshoes tell me if the stitching on the velcro strap is like this on theirs?

    These are brand new and the stitching on the left velcro strap is already loose and lifting off. I haven’t got much confidence in the velcro lasting long before is pulls away. Galibier are saying there is no issue.

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  • Cheers for the recommendations folks. With planet x giving an extra 20% off, I bought the clubman bibs. £11.98 delivered so can't really go too far wrong. I also managed to avoid my ususal trick of adding a load of other stuff to my cart to make the most of the postage.

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Essential winter clothing?

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