Essential winter clothing?

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  • Might be blind and not finding but are there recommendations regarding warm long bibs with side pocket(s) within a budget topping at 150 £?
    As far as I find there are the LaPassione, the Pedaled and the Rapha cargo ones and not much more.
    Any suggestions among these?
    Does anyone know of other brands worth checking?

  • I work for Albion, but the back pocket is a real winner for winter use to stuff in gloves/jacket/food. These + forum disc (LFGSS10) worth stretching to?­nter-tights-black/

    Independent review;­nter-tights-297541

  • I know that Etxeondo and Santini do cargo bib tights, maybe worth checking out? Santini is usually a size up job.

  • The bib back pocket is genius. I’ve seen it in action and wished I had one with jersey pockets overflowing with warmers.

  • I've always wondered why the bumbag has never taken off for riding. Would only need a sleek small one to achieve the same purpose, with benefit of easier to deal with (as you could slide round to front etc), and have pockets for bank cards, keys etc.

  • It’s the strap round the gut that isn’t ideal when you’ve folded yourself into an aerodynamic position, as one does nowadays.

  • Yeah the back pocket on the cargo shorts is superb for soft/ light items.

  • Do you guys use warm socks this time of the year? Or just overshoes?
    I'm thinking about getting these

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  • Darn tough socks

  • Same here - I’m sure some of the soft, stretch running waist packs could be suitable? I have the smallest Chrome waist pack that I’ve added a wider strap to (one it came with was really spindly and unstable), and use for when I’m not wearing a jersey with pockets. Very mil-tec looking, sure there’s a better way….

  • I’m in the market for some new bib tights and could do with a little advice.

    Rapha Classic tights fit the bill but even with the BF discount still come out a bit spendy for me at £165.
    I have some older classic 3/4’s which I really like though. Great pad, really comfy, really warm and a good fit too.

    On the other end of the price range the Galibier Mistral tights are £80 and seem to be highly rated in the reviews. They appear to offer good warmth and weather protection, plus I’m into the choice of a longer leg.
    I’ve never tried Galibier but have a few mates who like it. I do have some DHB aeron tights though which I don’t rate, so if these are of similar quality then I’d give them a miss. Any thoughts on the pad?

    Has anyone had experience of either or both?
    It would be great to save some pennies but I’m keen for good quality and would go with Rapha if worth it.

  • I was impressed with the pedal ed new odyssey stuff just out . Assis habu are good and fit to size but legs are short . Great chamoix

  • I haven't used either but pretty much half way between (in price) is castelli sorpasso. they are 125 at Merlin for black Friday. I bought a pair a few years ago and really like them. the pad is very good, for me at least, and they keep the worst of the weather out. I only wear them when it's properly cold. castelli bibs sizing is mad though; I'm scrawny but I think mine are an XL (I'm medium with most others)

  • These kept my toes warm & dry yesterday.
    Much easier taking shoes on & off compared to wearing overshoes, wish I’d bought a pair last year.­toe-covers-black

    Other colours are in stock.

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  • Toe covers are great, especially under overshoes!

  • Weird, my Castelli tights are a small, the leg warmers I used to have were XS and I'm a medium in most other brands!

  • Unfortunately Castelli come up a bit short for me.

    Anyone got experience with the Galibier Mistral tights?

  • I've bought and returned a Galibier Gillet and a Jersey. The quality was very good but they didn't fit my long skinny physique.

    I got some Lusso Max Repel waist (not bibs) tights (with pad) in the black Friday sale. After two rides I'm impressed. Comfortable, warm and they kept me dry in yesterday's drizzle. Definitely for 10°c and below though, I was too warm at 14°c. ...Size wise: I'm 6'6" with a 33" and medium fits well (not even any issues with the length). The code LUSSOCCM30 gets you an extra 30% off until the 29th.

  • Morning :)
    With my "sprinting" physique (6ft1, 88kgs) I had great success with the Equipe tights so I decided to buy the Galibier Mistral yesterday. I was willing to add many things (Ardennes glasses, toe covers, winter fluro gilet...etc) but my bank account was pretty conservative on the matter.
    I'll keep you posted.

  • I’m about to order some Victory Chimp tights at £125, 10% off for new customers. I’ve had a jersey from them before and the quality was good.

  • My favorite winter item, cant live without em tbh.

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  • Are these not awkward to operate your brakes?

  • The giro merino knit gloves are my favorite thing of late, surprisingly good down to about -2C even when damp but still comfortable up to like +15C. I would have thought cold wind would go right through em but it doesn't.

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  • Let us know! Figured my budget is more Galibier than Rapha atm so will probably pick up a pair soon.

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Essential winter clothing?

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