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  • Is there any particular reason to avoid this retailer? Their pricing on the new Felt Fx series bikes is considerably lower than all the UK retailers and they're showing stock of some of the bikes which all UK retailers are out of.

    Looks too good to be true and usually that's because it is. I had a wee search and didn't find anything though I'm sure I've read in these pages about ensuring you pay with a credit card so you can chargeback the cash if they mess you around. Don't know if it's or another retailer though.

  • Have purchased from them without problems - postage is pretty quick too, considering.

    It's general advice that for anything over £100 paying by credit card gets you extra insurance - worth doing, so long as you pay it off and don't end up having to pay interest on top.

  • They are quick to deliver and cheap.

    I tend to use when looking for bike parts and they often come up.

  • As they are not UK based, your ability to redress things that go wrong is reduced, so pay with a credit card.

  • I've bought a few things from them. The shipping takes about a week but they their sales are great.

  • Absolutely fine, bought some Sidis from them 3 years ago.

  • They are brilliant. No reason whatsoever to avoid them. Especially when ordering conti tyres

  • Solid retailer, they're even good on customer service if you need to speak to them.

  • I've only had good experience with them

  • The only thing that can go wrong is the gpx when you walk from the car park to the store.­71

  • I've bought a few things from them all way cheaper than any uk web retailers.
    Delivery was only a few days too

  • Think I bought my Pikes from them...*checks email* oh yeah, I did.

  • Bought plenty from them. I was sceptical at first because of how cheap they were but they've been first class with me.

  • Went to a basketball game.

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  • There seem to be a lot of referees.

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  • Good point this re card....I have used these with no problems

  • Agreed. Got a set of Campag Eureus wheels from them s while back

  • I buy from them regularly, never had any problem. The prices they have are not rediculously low (we have some shops here that are even cheaper - but they don't ship abroad) so no reason to doubt them.

  • Their customer service is really good. Called them today as part of my order was missing. 30s on the phone and they reposted it. No hassle at all. It’s the same with returns when I’ve done it before.

  • I often buy there, I also have returned some items. Never had any problems.

  • ah, it's dead

  • I bought some shoes from Bike24, they did not fit, so I posted them back to.... er, BikeDiscount. When my refund email did not appear I contacted Bike24, who worked it out for me and told me what I'd done. I then contacted BikeDiscount, who managed to find this random parcel and send it back to me - for no charge. So it turns out that I'd worried about buying from German shops because of the potential returns hassle with overseas postage, but the only weak link seems to be me, whereas both shops have been great at sorting it out.

  • this wont happen in the UK, dont @ me

  • Haha, both shops are good.

  • I bought a set of rs11 wheels a couple of winters ago came in four days

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Any reason to avoid

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