Varonha custom frame... And other ongoing stuff

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  • I didn't think I needed one either, but when you get one and find out how useful it is to have a pannier bag to stick an extra layer in, or stash a lock, quick trip to the shops etc.
    once you go rack you never go back or whatever.

    I realise I'm preaching to the converted...

  • Agreed, my galaxy's fully racked!
    My mum won't go to the shop with her bike, and will only do short rides.
    Now, I've got one of these narrow Tortec spare, and a cute red pannier... May try this...

  • Spare rack isn't fitting nicely, no strut adjustment as I'd butchered it for another built...

  • Awesome! Very tidy job... don't forget to give us another pic once the mudguards are on.

  • Such a tidy build. Love it

    Could imagine it with a nice carradice riding on the bars for shopping

  • Back from France.
    No guards just yet, didn't find anything good there (would have had to order, didn't have time) and my mum isn't going to do much cycling at all this winter. I'll try to get something on at Christmas. Dropped the saddle, put her saddle from the road bike she no longer use instead of the Concor (which she didn't like), and installed Grip Shifts because the Suntour vintage thumb shifters were too stiff and she couldn't manage them.
    She was pleased, I think she'll need some encouraging to use it, I wish we had time to go to nice bits of lanes, with no hills (not common in that bit of Normandy). If Covid restrictions ease off we may be able to go there more often (this was our first trip there in nearly two years)

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  • Awesome! What a good son.

    Would love those suntour shifters if you feel like clearing out some old bits ;)

  • They're yours, don't have any project for them. Maybe stiffness can be improved with a re-build, greasing, I now regret not having tried.

  • Hey! Would like to bring you something in return for shifters... Want to ask you something else too ... what are those straddle cables you have on the Varonha? Are they mad posh?

  • Oh! Found them. Power Hanger. I don't get how they work! Can you use on rear too, if you have a hole in the bridge?

  • Hey! Would like to bring you something in return for shifters...

    Don't worry about bringing something, would be nice seeing these used on one of your projects, also curious to know if you can make them work smoother. I'm no longer in Peckham though, Beckenham now... work in Chelsea if that helps. Also coming to a birthday around New Cross (in principle) before Christmas, could drop them.

  • Can you use on rear too, if you have a hole in the bridge?

    No hole in the Varonha's rear bridge is why I haven't one there otherwise I would have done it. No idea if more powerful, though feels like it brakes better than my other cantis on the galaxy, but different rims, pads, could be other factors. But I like the neatness
    Bought mine on eBay (new) for cheap maybe there's more.

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Varonha custom frame... And other ongoing stuff

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