Varonha custom frame... And other ongoing stuff

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  • Really pretty!

  • Thanks!
    Realistically it's only rarely (for shopping) I'd need the full Carradice panniers suite.
    Sans panniers version...

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  • Such a nice build, proper touring bike.

  • very nice!!

  • Another little project atm... Got this lovely Look frame from @snoops, left it with @skalliwag who sorted a slightly bent rear triangle, and finally had a chance to put together a 2 minutes mockup today. The box of parts is stuff I already had, and some recent eBay hunt. Still need few bits.
    Are Ourys bad taste on something like this?

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  • .

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  • A great start already!*

    *Garde le triple et pas de Wald STP :-)

  • *Garde le triple et pas de Wald STP :-)

    Yes, no Wald, and keeping a triple (though maybe not this one)

    On est pas des brutes!

  • From what I've read online, Middleburn cranks square tapers are JIS, anyone could confirm please?

  • Looks great! I love the cranks.

  • So, I'm lucky because the BB that came with the frame is JIS, and has good spindle length for the cranks. But the BB is missing its non drive side cup, is that something I can buy separately? Maybe it's because I don't know the proper denomination for it but I've had no luck with Google...

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  • Your lbs should be able to sort you one out, it's a standard bsa threaded bb, no harm in asking.

  • Haven't had a lbs in years. The ones where we've moved aren't great, or aren't the kind where I'd develop some kind of loyalty over time. My worst recent experience was going in the Crystal Palace Giant shop. I needed crank bolts for square taper cranks: "we order these in" was the answer. "So you pretty much only sell brand new bikes here?" "Yes"

    I don't want to live in this world anymore

    I'll be better off just buying a new BB rather than relive shop to shop the painful realization that proper lbs don't exist anymore (around London at least), or they are a rarity.

  • That's a shame, my lbs is pretty much a Spesh/Giant/Kona dealer, but also very accommodating on the spare parts front.
    Surely someone on here, near to you, will have a spare one in the bottom of a parts bin.

  • SE20 Cycles in Penge have always been decent when I've been in! They're friendly and have offered free advice and done a good job when I've used them before. Their workshop is tiny so can't imagine they'll have loads of spare bits lying around but might be worth asking.

    Edit: I'm guessing you're not a million miles away from there if you've been in the Crystal Palace giant shop.

  • Problem Solvers used to make an "up cup" to replace the plastic NDS cup that came on some shimano bbs. I assume yours originally had a plastic cup and it's cracked along the way. I doubt they still make them but there might be somewhere online with stock left.

    I'll have a rummage in the cellar tomorrow, but have a feeling any unpaired BB parts were donated to the local charity bike shop last year for their budget repairs box.

  • Thank is one sexy crank

  • Thanks, yes I know where they are, only been once for inner tubes. You're right they aren't far.

  • Oh, good call, thanks. Just Googled this, doesn't seem in stock atm... Also given the price I'd tempted to buy a new BB. Good product still as you'd keep it when upgrading the BB I suppose.

    Thanks if you can be bothered looking, though I hope you already gave it to your local charity, they would have needed it more than me!

    As I'm ordering couple is bits from SJS I've emailed them and asked if they could sort me out with this... We'll see.

    SJS are often my LBS actually, they're a proper bike parts stockist!

  • Only found complete pairs I'm afraid! Hope SJS come through for you.

  • Thanks for checking!
    Since another kind forumer had Pmed me and has sorted me out!

  • I've removed the mudguards on the Varonha (it's summer right?) and having checked with a Schwable Land Cruiser tire, it would appear the frame can take 40c without problems (I'd never investigated before).

    Any recommendation for tan walls 700x40c that don't break the bank? (I did use Google of course but I value LFGSS's input more, of course!

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  • .

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Varonha custom frame... And other ongoing stuff

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