Varonha custom frame... And stem!

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  • AND also picking those pedals up from Tokyo bikes this week. 🤝

  • Found them... But I seem to have lost the hardware!! I have the stays but no idea where the bolts are... Almost a lost cause given the state of our garage. Argh!

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  • It was actually pretty easy, contrary to what I'd read online!

  • Yup that will do

  • yusssssss

  • Great guards! Just out of curiosity, why didn't you go for a longer headtube?

  • It's maybe hard to gauge on the pictures but that frame is a gate. Loads of tubes. When I drew the frame on CAD I probably decided it would be a bit mad to extend further?
    I used a Columbus carbon fork at some point with that frame (swapping for a carbon fork for some kind of "cross" set-up was a built-in flexibility of the frame, hence the slightly "gappy" steel forks), and used the full length of the steerer...
    But yes this stem is taller than my original set-up. Getting older I suppose!

  • In other news, I found the mudguards hardware at lunch time!

  • And now the garage is a much tidier place?

  • If you saw it you'd come to the conclusion there's something wrong with me...
    On a positive note, I found quite a few spare brake and gear cables, I thought I had run out...

  • I rest my case. Those guards were obviously meant for that bike!

  • I've been so caught up with my own bike I didn't realise this was almost finished now! Looks so good with new colour scheme. I was gonna suggest silver chainrings but with the black guards this build will look spot on.

    You must be chuffed!

    Varonha ride with @jontea whenever it's safe again.
    : )

  • I'll be up for that.

  • Exceptional progress (for me!) this weekend, as I've managed to do the rear brake, and install the mudguards.
    Shortly after I'd installed the VO guards few years back, a lorry rear ended me in Camberwell. Frame was perfectly fine but the rear wheel and mudguard were the sacrificial element in the crash... Bought another set at the time which is why I had few spare bits (amazingly I found everything). I added the extra stay as I remembered that end of the front guard was a bit shaky, and I kind of like the idea of it.
    Modest "test ride" (to the local car park with our 3 year old on his balance bike), just before dark...

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  • Beau travail! Proportions are great all round.

  • Beautiful!

  • A little rando rack instead of the extra mudguard support would be amazing, but other than that I love it man. Well done

  • little rando rack

    I was looking at bike books when deciding where to drill for the extra support. Chose the highest point of the guard so I could (hopefully) get a front rack with a mudguard attachment in that same location.
    Unlikely to exist otp... As I need to go see Winston when things get better, I may ask him how he feels about making a rack...

  • Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Bravo, amazing

  • Or he could modify a Nitto M18?

  • I think you should get him to do it for sure!

  • I had these, they’re great and made it so much easier to toe in.

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Varonha custom frame... And stem!

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