Varonha custom frame... And stem!

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  • Damn, where did you get a Sheldon sticker from?!

    Also... Spotted:

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  • Oh wow! Thanks for the picture, good news, Mario was hoping the company he uses for sand blasting would remain operational during lockdown... Looks like they are.
    And Winston has drilled my forks.

    The Sheldon sticker was kindly given to me by Aroogah, who I believe brought a couple from the states few years back. It's a sticker guaranteeing you won't get a breakdown.

  • Yup, the sand blasters are still open. Big relief for me as well as he'd just finished my frame before lockdown started again.

    I always had a hankering for a pair of Harris Cyclery / Formula track hubs but they stopped making them ages ago.

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  • Stem looks amazing, frame is painted, just needs lacquer coat, good choice of colour.

  • Oh... Did you take pictures?
    Thanks for the update anyhow!

  • Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, and my head was too busy trying not to forget things I needed to ask Winston.

  • Mario texted this morning to tell me the frame was ready. Shortly after I received a mail from Winston with the picture below... The little free time (parent duties, I also had to work today... Grrr) I had today I used to go pick the frame up.
    Very pleased! I'll take more shots tomorrow.

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  • Now... Chris King headset... You what? I need an adaptor to use my press? Balls! I'm going to have to bodge something with some drilled steel plate. That thing better be good!

  • Looks very nice

  • Excellent, you've got it back. Seeing your frame (and very lovely stem) helped me decide on a couple of choices I needed to make, dropouts and fork crown.
    Looking forward to the rebuild pics.

  • Looking great. Decals look lovely

  • @Klar in Beceknham should have a CK compatible headset press

  • That looks awesome man!

  • Also... are normal headset presses not compatible with CK? Are they different in some way?

  • Thanks, will keep in mind, but for now I've bought a large drill bit to make some kind of adaptor for my otherwise perfectly good press. I like having the right tools when possible...

  • Yes, bearings don't seem to come apart from cup so if I was to use my press I'd be applying pressure onto the bearing. Adaptors let you apply pressure onto the outer lip of the cup. So in practice a large washer should suffice (some install videos show this anyway). I'm making the equivalent of that out of thick brass sheet drilled to my press main shaft diameter.

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  • Also should I buy the expensive CK blue grease or is there a decent cheaper equivalent around? PM-ing @reeen !

  • Fuck no, just use any grease.

  • Aaah, I get it now

  • Just read trough the whole thread, I really like the evolution of the bike (also makes it a bit less anxious to consider custom myself, seeing how things can be future-proof enough)!

  • Was a nice morning today, managed to take couple of pics in the garden before work. Would have been better with headset but...

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  • .

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  • Lovely.

  • Tres nizzle

  • And Winston amazingly nice touch, like a watchmaker marking the inside of the back at every service... He brazed a little heart under the Varonha star, only discovered this once back home!

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Varonha custom frame... And stem!

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