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  • Ladies doing all the things!
    Watching youtube videos on BMX is now apparently my thing, and I'm sure yours too if you are reading this. Wow obsessed with anything two wheeled easily.

    I found this amazing BMX Woman Mariana Pajon, only 22!
    This is a wicked go pro pov video, of her winning this year some comp in Rotterdam.

  • Non gopro view, amazing really gopro makes 10ft+ of air look like nothing.­XgM

  • Yer I saw this one too, but a spanish version. Absolute nuts.
    ( POV helps me pretend I'm there. )

  • I wouldn't advise it while riding...

  • she's doing that gate all wrong ; )

    And I was just about to suggest a BMX talk thread, so good work missy!

  • I offered £40 for this bike listed for £70... she has asked me when I can pick it up.. I think that means yes...­al-gt-bmx/1082749010?utm_source=systemed­m&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=adreply

  • Is that a race frame? (its hard to tell from the pics it does look like one though)
    GT's are fucking awesome - for £40 its still a win even if its not a race bike.
    Might be worth asking if she can see what size the frame is as well, Pro, XL etc it should be stamped on the back
    I think the ones at Pekham were pro XL. the only difference seems to be length of top tube though - which only really counts if you're a lanky cow like I am.

  • I didn't listen to what the difference was between Pro and XL.. I was half concentrating on how boiling I was.
    I was planning to go, have a stand on it and see what it felt like.

  • This is quite useful­7Ccharts/riderchart.htm

    Also check it has race gearing (also on the chart), otherwise it will be spinny as hell.

    I'm still reading up on them and want to try the 20" a few more times before I make a purchase - I still cant decided between 20" and 24"

  • Yeah @clefty, starting on that 24" and going down to the 20" at Peckham made me realise that 20" is much more fun. More fun with getting the whole bike off the ground, it was more difficult with the 24"
    Thanks for tip RE race gearing, that chart makes everything a little clearer now.

  • Okay, so I bought that bike. Have to replace brake cables tho.. and wtf, it has a giro something. I have no clue how it all works.
    I have a date with google before I can get rad


    Also: i'm going to stop by Burgess Park tomorrow on my way home for an hour or so's RAD action if rock up and ride is happening - the internetz suggests it should be.

    Will be there 4.30-ish to about 5.30/6-ish I reckon if anyone else fancies it? Blowfish?

  • It's a beautiful day for an afternoon of BMX.

    Will deffo be swinging by on my way home for around 4.30 (ish)

  • I need to start doing this regularly, what are the rock up and ride times/days?
    I can't read the very small bitmap on their facetube page.

    The more I look at bikes the more I think I may end up building one myself as it will end up cheaper - but need to decide whether I want to go 20" or 24" so need moar riding time!

  • Until the 13th Nov:

    Tues: 6.30 to 9pm
    Weds: 3-4pm and 5-6pm
    Thurs: 5-6pm
    Fri & Sat: 1pm to 9pm
    Sun: 1pm to 9pm

    Those Fri, sat and Sunday sessions subject to someone not booking whole track I think.

    Would people be up for maybe booking whole track & getting some coaching??

  • I'd be well up for that!
    Otherwise the Wed 5-6pm slot is good for me (tho not next week) would anyone else be up for regular Wednesday's ?

  • can't make any week days as it's too far and my work keeps me till late BUT up for yelling on here if I'm planning a fri sat or sun, do same and I'll come join.

  • If people want to chip in for whole track booking I'm up for that too. Tuesdays I could do as it's on until 9.

  • I'm in for a tuesday too - otherwise kind of hard, never finish work before 6:30.
    Woud chip in.

  • Tuesdays I'll be able to do after new year when my yoga commitments end.

  • So me and @blowfish went this afternoon and I have to say it was all a bit intimidating initially BUT all the small boys and slightly less small boys were lovely and welcoming and sort of encouraging as pre-teen boys can be. I semi stacked it on one jump and two separate boys came and asked if I was ok <3

    I was amazed actually how quiet it was. I thought Friday after school would be heaving but I reckon there was less than a dozen people there. Also actually bigger boys on bikes started showing up as we were leaving at about 6pm so maybe there is a post work contingent of grown ups?

    Might swing by early evening Sunday for an hour to see how busy it is. Woo! BMX!

  • I was really glad it was quiet =) really enjoyed having another go .. hopefully technique also improving
    i'd be up for a booked / coached session too

  • Good to hear how it went. I got stuck at school. Plan to join you next time.

  • I could only ever do Friday from 6pm and weekend depending on my running commitments. Whole track and coaching. Yes please!

    PS: Are there any lockers there, as if coming from work on a Friday would need someplace secure to leave stuff.

  • So today I went to Belgium and look at this chocolate milk I found!

    It will give you the energy to be an AWESOME BMX broad

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BMX - all the things

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