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  • Low inertia attack though innit and we all know diesels suite farm tracks.

  • I want to see him win Paris-Roubaix. I'm just not sure he's got the seated acceleration he'll need to get away. Presumably that's what he's working on now.

  • It is. Ride over the finish before everyone else. Simple.

  • I forgot just how awesome that finish was. I remember a tweet at the time along the lines of "the best thing about today's sprint was that once it started, I managed to text my mate to tell him about it and he still had time to turn on the TV to see the finish".

  • @andyp it was supposed to be jokey in kind :D lol FTW :))))))

  • bummer about UCI, in general

  • Is the MPCC violator Rolland Rat still riding for them?

  • Why? For once the UCI president is following the rules as laid down. Which makes a change from the last two regimes.

  • Following the rules as laid down is indeed a step up from the regimes of Hein & Pat. But the rules have been the same quite a number of years and will not improve the sport even if the chiefs are not corrupt. I'd like to see some innovation, and I don't mean on-bike cameras and live SRM data in races or a Tour of Azerbaijan or whatever country will cough up enough cash for a race no one wants to see.

  • As I understand it, it's coming.

    There is a whole raft of changes being discussed at the moment in line with reforming the calendar for the 2017 season. The media focus so far has been on the calendar changes, with both the Vuelta and the Giro shortened by a week, but there is also changes to the rules on doping, in line with the revised WADA Code, and more technical innovation. Brian Cookson has gone on record as saying that it's ridiculous that cycling has to all intents and purposes frozen technological advances at the highest level of racing at a time where there is huge consumer interest in technology.

  • it is! if you click the little cog you can 'flip a switch' that makes it easier to view from outside NL. no subs though.

  • Shortening two of three GTs??? WTF?

  • I really hope that doesn't happen. I also wonder about the practicalities - if they are reduced by less than a week will they be starting mid-week? I imagine towns will be wanting to pay a lot less for staging a Grand Depart not on a weekend.

  • Alles in deutsch :))))))

  • I'm not sure I follow his logic though since he talks about the Tour and that's the one Grand Tour that won't be shortened. And if everyone wants to be at the front when there are 21 chances to win what will it be like when there are only 14 or 17? Breaks will have even less chance of staying away.

  • Interdasting year for this young fella

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  • To (somewhat) echo the Secret Pro's thoughts - I can't help but feel it was a strange move for him to go to Tinkoff, I just can't see him integrating particularly well

  • The 4 million euros will integrate into his bank account quite well.

  • I don't think things were good for him in Cannondale. They rode well for him but they're at a tactical disadvantage having really no other options for many stages/races.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how Riis plays the Sagan card.

    SexyTinkoff is full of talent, has the sneakiest-scumbag DS going and now it even has Peter's older brother signed to carry his bottles and laugh at his LAD bible japes.

  • The DS's at Cannondale seemed to have all the tactical nous of barbary apes, and the team was lacking in depth, so you'd expect Tinkoff-Saxo to a) be able to support him better in the final hour of major classics and b) have some tactical ruses that put the other teams on the back foot, taking the pressure off Sagan.

    I don't think winning the green jersey year in, year out is enough for a once in a generation talent like Sagan and he needs to have multiple monuments on his palmares to reflect that talent. Being in a strong team should help him achieve that.

    Of course, it could be a car crash with Tinkov in the picture, sticking his oar in where it's not wanted.

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Pro-cycling thread

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