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  • Commonwealth Mtb was good today but it seems like a lot of event set up, staffing, helicopter etc for a pretty low grade field, small rider numbers (8 in women) and few of the big names
    Sam Gaze easily won the mens

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  • I keep seeing England and think it's Poland racing.

  • It's "Moonen". I've had beers with her (she wasn't drinking beer) and I assumed it was her partner but maybe that was just me making assumptions, the guy that ran 2-speed BMX at the Olympics, Twan van Gendt.

    They were both star-struck when they saw me in the bar...

  • That’s the girl, what did I say? Yeh Van Gendt was 2 speed bmx guy, now trying and failing at becoming an xc racer.
    England kit is rubbish, South Africa had good kit, Australia’s was classic and all the smaller African nations like Namibia, Mauritius had cool kit

  • Horrible crash in last kilometre of Burgos - really nasty ……
    … and another horrible crash at track league this evening , not nice to see riders cartwheeling …
    Oscar Nilsson - Julien though - wow , what a rider he is becoming …

  • Yeah, I think he was doing an MTB race shortly after or maybe it was shortly before I met him.

    I like the Kiwi's kit because I like black stuff. Just watched the Eng bloke, Joe hit the deck hard. Fuck I hate crashes like that. No movement for ages. Sickening. Then there was some guy that went over the fence? Shit.

  • .

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  • Ineos sign Josh Tarling straight from the junior ranks on a 3 year deal.

  • Josh is a monster, no surprise there!

  • I was told last night that BC are stopping with the Road Senior Academy as so many British U23 riders are going straight to Pro/Devo teams

  • … “ Are we not men .. ? “ ……

  • And , well done Fred , top step until the next batch of riders go …. seems a bit weird staggered start times … surely they aren’t going to make them sit in those daft chairs for the next couple of hours … ?

  • Sounds like the dumbass sort of thing BC would do.

  • I dunno, if you look at how many riders are doing it that way I think it makes sense. BC's system is so rigid it doesn't allow for riders who don't exactly fit all the boxes, especially those who aren't trackies too. This way there are plenty of options and I presume BC will carry on providing support in terms of a national squad.

  • Geraint Thomas crashes a couple of minutes into the TT.

  • Oh G…

  • You had one job today G

  • It'll make for a downcast edition of Watts Occurring?

  • Got to keep up traditions

  • Bigham hits the foot of a barrier and flips. Tough break.

  • Bloody male cyclists. Need to spend a bit more time learning skills before trying to race on TT bikes

  • Gate does a sick skid over the finish line, hits a barrier and pops his back tyre. 10/10

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Pro-cycling thread

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