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  • Not enough competitors apparently?­-games/62356017

    Good on them for protesting the decision.

  • Yep. Total bullshit and a huge shambles.

  • It’s going to be similar in one of the womens wheelchair marathon categories being raced today. Only 4 racers in the category so only two medals. Not how to improve the numbers taking part in events.

  • Total bullshit and a huge shambles.

    The only scenario they shouldn't award bronze is if there were only two competitors.

    @Alan_tbt they won't improve numbers by devaluing the competition for those who do take part.

  • I’m slightly confused as to how there being 5 is any better in a head to head event, than 4?

  • The UCI bloody fined them now for disrespecting the commissaries by having their own presentation of a bronze medal. €2500. FFS
    Correction. Swiss Francs.

  • In the tour de avec swift anne van is nailing it after he recent stomach trouble. Putting over 6 mins into everyone.

    Correction 17 minutes

  • That's the time to the larger group. Demi Vollering is about 1.5 minutes back. But the gap will almost certainly go out further on the final climb.

  • The TdFF is turning into quite the deathmatch. It's amazing viewing, what with Iris on the moto, and van der Breggen's remarks to van Vleuten on the team radio being broadcast. I hope it's going to attract a lot more money into the Femmes teams

  • Is TDFF (aZ) actually the longest elimination race in history?

  • It's heading into Rollerball territory.

  • It should really be on ITV4. Big mistake for none of the free channels to have it

  • Good shout actually I didn't even realise no highlights by Imlach show. Sadly. It full coverage in the weekend is a bit poor.

  • That is an absolute piss take!! UCI lining thier pockets...

  • van der Breggen's remarks to van Vleuten

    Missed this, off to Google, but any detail?

  • Remco did another Remco

  • It was in the Eurosport coverage. Nothing earth-shattering.

  • Horrendous crash for Joe Truman in the Keirin, hope he'll be ok, good to at least see him conscious and responsive when taken off. Glaetzer looking proper shaken up as well

  • Fuck that was bad.

  • His first attack was just a couple of light pedal strokes and dropped all bar Yates haha

  • ..Commonwealths…. yes , bad crash , nothing Truman could do, hope he recovers ok.
    Claire Baldwin - awful …
    Kiwis riding very strongly ….
    What a shame Birmingham didn’t get its own Velodrome built …. Glasgow , Manchester , Derby or Lee Valley …. surely a modern track in Englands second city would have been a huge asset to everyone … ?

  • disappointed everyone in his abilities and the inflated persona he has?

  • what is the evidence of inflated persona? He's had a few tetchy in-race moments but not a huge number. To me it looks like most riders are capable of ignoring his hissy fits about not taking turns so if he doesn't ride people off his wheel he's no different to a lot of "breakaway" riders.

  • Lightning!

  • Joe was a member of our club and I rode with him weekly for 2 or 3 years before he hit the Olympic program. I haven’t seen the crash and none of my friends have mentioned it yet.

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Pro-cycling thread

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