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  • nah, r pidders has it in the bag

  • Has he ever done well in a TT at WT level? He’s 6/1 to finish top 10.

  • Trentin also out of the tour with Covid. Gutted for his as he's a racer I enjoy watching and always comes across really well. Speaking of which, the gulf in common sense/class in his announcement compared to Impey's couldn't be greater I don't think...

  • No. He’s only ridden three as a pro, two at the Vuelta last year and one in Algarve, which isn’t a WT race, and he’s consistently finished mid-pack.

  • Where are we watching? I keep going back to eurosport cos I paid so much for it but keen to hear strategies for best commentary, content and outfits

  • Always have to get my money’s worth from Eurosport but I rate Millar on co comms on ITV (despite not liking the bloke) and the ITV theme music is simply superb.

  • Agree with above. Plus Boardman is great when on there too and imlach.

  • I have eurosport too, but ITV 4 is generally better I think, except for the adverts etc. Boardman and Kennaugh tend to make less entertaining costume/footwear choices than Wiggins and Adam Blyth though, so there is that to consider...

  • They need to bring back this theme. Them twangy guitars 👌

  • Imlach on rapid-fire deadpan mode is a joy. Only wish he was on TV more in general.

  • Just passed Valenciennes on the A2; don't like that I'm busy next Wednesday but not with driving there again.

  • We have GCN+ but prefer ITV4 for the tour.

    We usually watch the daily highlights show on ITV which is far better than the GCN/Eurosport offering. On ITV they actually string together a coherent set of clips with relevant commentary to explain the main events of the day, whereas GCN/Eurosport highlights are usually just the final 30-40minutes with no explanation of anything that happened before then. Then, if you want to watch the analysis on GCN then you have to navigate to a separate show (the breakdown) which is sometimes listed as its own show, but is often not uploaded until later so you have to find it at the end of the actual race show. The only problem with ITV highlights is that it is on regular TV at a reasonable time, but if you miss it they often don't upload it to the itv hub until late.

  • You can do worse than subscribe to ned millar and nice eyes podcast “never strays car” first one mentions barain and petes brother who coaches for the team.

  • ABC News: Danish police search Bahrain Victorious' hotel ahead of Tour de France.­anish-police-search-hotel-of-cycling-tea­m-bahrain-victorious/101199172

    Just not giving up..

  • I can’t see him having the horsepower to be anywhere near on this course? He’ll be good out of the corners and appears to have done about 200km last week with Cam Wurf on tt bikes but I wouldn’t waste a bet on him?

  • What time are itv highlights usually available on demand?

  • Historically, ITV have been painfully slow to upload highlights and it's often gone 10pm when the show goes up. Fingers crossed they're quicker/better this year as the 7pm show is bit of an awkward time.

  • I knew there was something stopping me going all in on itv last year and it was exactly this, pain in the arse upload timing.

  • Should be an exciting few weeks. Covid (past and future) may well have a significant extra unknown impact. Hope there is some exciting racing to try and attack Pog. But his dominance should also make for some lively breakaways and individual stage hunting fights.

  • Yeah that is my recollection of it too, the app is also dogshit

    10pm wouldn't be so bad as I feed my kids then so could watch after, but 9pm would be perfect

  • The joys of Carlton Kirby and his annoying inhale noise before every sentence.
    once heard it cannot be unheard.

    i move between GCN and itv depending on where i am on the day and if i have missed any live action.

    like Millar/Boulting, Kelly, Bäckstedt and Boardman for their insights/commentary

  • Mitch Docker saying on the Cycling Podcast that he’s heard Ineos plan to go all out attack.

    Will be fun to watch if it comes to pass. I think UAE can be put on the back foot in that first week, especially if a few teams conspire to make life hard for them.

  • Mitch Docker saying on the Cycling Podcast that he’s heard Ineos plan to go all out attack.

    Let's hope so. They have the team to do it on all terrains, so it would be their best chance of coming away from the Tour with something (they only won a solitary stage in the last three Tours). I still think a podium place is a stretch goal for them, so stage wins should be their primary objective.

    I think UAE can be put on the back foot in that first week, especially if a few teams conspire to make life hard for them.

    Won't happen. Teams don't conspire for a common goal, they chase their own goals all the time.

  • Good luck, G!

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  • When I had Eurosport I would have up their commentary free stream on the ipad to watch and ITV running in browser for the commentary then when the adverts came on I'd mute my laptop.

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Pro-cycling thread

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