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  • Oh, and Armstrong won a stage into Verdun.

  • Rain Man levels of memory!

    Who has won a mountain stage into Briançon and beaten Armstrong in an ITT?

    *not in the same year.

  • Rain Man.

    New user name for Andy please

  • Great memory @andyp and great memories too. I loved Abdoujaparov so much I once smashed my Raleigh activator into a lamp post trying to recreate one of his wild sprints and still have the scars on my knees and back to show for it.

  • That's all well and good, but has Andy met the Devil?

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  • Fact checked:

    Indurain won the prologue and the ITT ✅ at the end of the first week ✅ (and his brother was last) ✅ but didn’t win the final TT, which Tony Rominger won ✅.

    I think Cipollini won a sprint ✅ , but so did Abdoujaparov ✅ (it's spelled Abduzhaparov on PCS) and Nelissen ✅ . Bruyneel won a flat stage ✅ across northern France that was, at the time, the fastest ever road stage in the Tour ✅ CBA to check properly but it was super fast and close to 99's Cipo record . Bjaarne Riis ✅then won a stage ahead of Max Sciandri ✅, which was hysterical, mainly for the latter’s post stage interview on British TV


    In the Alps, Rominger won two stages ✅, ahead of Indurain✅ , Hampsten ✅, Alvaro Mejia ✅ and Zenon Jaskula ✅, who must’ve got his EPO programme spot on (he has only admitted to cortisone and caffeine). Fabio Roscioli won a stage to Marseille ✅ after a long break ✅ . Zaskula won a stage in the Pyrenees ✅ , as did Chiappucci ✅ . I think Abdoujaparov won three stages in the end ✅, including the Paris stage ✅.

  • Crazy.

  • Santiago Botero?

  • Who were the first five riders (in order) on the 1999 stage to Alpe D'Huez? And what are their favourite biscuits?

  • The one Guerini won after crashing into a spectator taking a photo?

    Guerini obviously, and he's a big fan of the garibaldi, then I'd guess at Armstrong, Zulle, Heras and Sevilla.

  • Meh, three out of five isn't bad.

  • 🤣

    That was the first stage I really remember the coverage from on the ITV roundup show, though I did start watching the year Riis won in 1996.

  • Best LFGSS scroll in a while. Top work Andy.

  • Bingo! Hats off to you, sir!

  • Bloody hell, eidetic or what. I can't even remember where I left my glasses, and I was wearing them 30 minutes ago.

  • I just spent 10 minutes looking for my glasses and they were on my nose. They also had a large baby shaped smudge across the left lens which should have been a bit of a clue.

    Amazing stuff Andy

  • Mine were less than 3 feet from where they were when I started looking for them. I've now lost my slippers...

  • What happened to Dowsett at the TT nationals? Unfortunate series of events, or a looming omen ahead of his hour attempt?

  • I guess we have to wait for the vlog.

    I think he should start looking at gravel racing.

  • He was ill, and was throwing up on the bike, hence his withdrawal.

  • Thanks for the insight. A shame for him. I'm sure "bad luck" is a common theme amongst pro bike riders, but he has documented it more than others so perhaps it seems more pronounced in his case. The few people I know who tried to make it through the U23/European team ranks seem to have had similar rollercoasters. Perhaps something to do with running your body into the ground while at the same time being constantly exposed to the elements and lots of travel/people

  • cant see @Cazakstan on the circuit

  • Is that just Sciandri being disappointed with second as a decent finisher, or is it a guy realising Riis has found much better dope than everyone else? I’m guessing Sciandri wasn’t a wildly bad doper?

  • Certainly nothing about any of the teams he rode for would suggest he doped.

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Pro-cycling thread

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