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  • I called that exact scenario 3 pages ago!

  • Look at his hand.

  • Forget the hand, who would have thought that he can have fun and smile?

  • Israel Startup Nation cements its role as retirement home with the signing of Fuglsang­tart-up-nation-signs-fuglsang-and-houle/­

  • Leo Hayter continues his run of recent good form by taking the u23 National TT title.


  • Arenburg back in le tour.

  • and Alpe d'Huez

  • Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland - has a Tour been through more non-France countries before?

  • Yes, 1992 Tour visited Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy.

  • ProCyclingStats back up then?

  • You what? I knew that from watching it.


  • As I recall, it was to celebrate the creation of the European single market and visited as many Western European countries as it could. The trade off was just one stage in the Pyrenees, on stage 2 or 3 if I recall correctly, and just two days in the Alps.

    Indurain destroyed everyone in the Luxembourg TT and won at a canter.

  • How do you remember that you old bastard. I don't even remember who won PR this year.

  • I reckon I could name most of the stage winners from memory:

    Indurain won the prologue, then Dominique Arnoud won the first road stage, then a Spanish climber beat Virenque into Pau, Javier Murguilday or something, don't remember who won the next stage, Jesper Skibby maybe, but Pascal Lino took the yellow from Virenque, his team-mate. Jalabert won the stage into Brussels (was in a break with Lemond, Chiappucci and Brian Holm I think), then Gilles Delion won, then Jan Nevens, then Indurain in the long TT, then Rolf Jarmann won, Chiappucci into Sestriere, Hampsten at Alpe d'Huez, Chiocciolli then Roche, Indurain again in the last TT then Olaf Ludwig won on the Champs Elysee.

    Oh and Fignon won a stage into Mulhouse.

  • You're just copying and pasting that from cyclingnews

    How the fuck do you remember the spelling of "Murguilday" and "Chiocciolli"?

    In-house pro cycling savant or googling bastard? You decide!

  • was just a figment of Bill Mitchell’s imagination in 1992.

  • The only Tour I can remember is 2011 - because Cadel (and I was there!) and maybe 2012 - Wiggo, simply because I remember rubbing it in that we'd won it before you lot. I was at the 2009 Tdf and don't remember a fucking thing. Oh, Lance was there in comeback form, because I've got a photo of him. I couldn't tell you who won.

    Individual stages?? umadbro

    I watch a shitload of races, enjoy the racing and then immediately forget everything about what I just saw.

  • But how many stages have you watched sober?

  • Most of the Tour stages would be, because I'm normally working, unless I'm actually there, in which case, none, well, I'd have ridden to see the stage and probably been drinking afterwards so 50/50. PR and Ronde I'm usually on the Belgian ales, all the other races I'm usually watching while working again so most are viewed sober. I just enjoy the racing really, and don't really value the information like results etc. All of that shit can be looked up and just isn't important. It's like my own racing - I can barely remember my results - I only care when I'm looking to improve one and then I'll note what a previous best is or whatever. Maybe one of the reasons I'm still racing - I don't care so much about the results - rather the racing itself if that makes sense.

    I'm still amazed if Andy is typing all that shit without resorting to Google though. Even if I knew some of the results of an event I'd struggle to remember everyone's names and where the stages were.

  • Amazing there Andy. I'm with Hippy - enjoy it at the time, then immediate goldfish.

  • Give me a Tour from the 90s and I’ll have a good go at naming most of the stage winners from memory.

    Fuck knows why, but I remember this shit.

  • I remember other stuff but not race results. Like, if I need to win an argument I'll know where the photo is that shows the reflection of the colour of the bike that you said was blue and I insisted was black. That kind of shit. Nothing useful. Ok, actually it's quite handy at work.

  • Indurain won the prologue and the ITT at the end of the first week (and his brother was last) but didn’t win the final TT, which Tony Rominger won.

    I think Cipollini won a sprint, but so did Abdoujaparov and Nelissen. Bruyneel won a flat stage across northern France that was, at the time, the fastest ever road stage in the Tour. Bjaarne Riis then won a stage ahead of Max Sciandri, which was hysterical, mainly for the latter’s post stage interview on British TV.

    In the Alps, Rominger won two stages, ahead of Indurain, Hampsten, Alvaro Mejia and Zenon Jaskula, who must’ve got his EPO programme spot on. Fabio Roscioli won a stage to Marseille after a long break. Zaskula won a stage in the Pyrenees, as did Chiappucci. I think Abdoujaparov won three stages in the end, including the Paris stage.

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Pro-cycling thread

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